Two-Wheeled Tractor: Types and Components

two-wheel tractor
2-Wheeled Tractor

Tractors are one of the modern agricultural tools and are classified as heavy equipment. Tractors help farmers to plow or cultivate fields. Tractors also have another function, which is a driving force for other agricultural industrial tools by using the Power Take Off (PTO) system.

Along with the advancement of technology, tractors began to be developed to help a lot of human work. Currently, the types of tractors that are commonly used are the 2-wheeled tractor and the 4-wheeled tractor. These two tractors have different components. In this article, we will discuss the types and components of 2-wheeled tractors.

Types of 2-Wheeled Tractor

2-wheeled tractors are conventional tractors that are used to assist farmers in cultivating rice fields. In its use for cultivating the land, two-wheeled tractors have several types such as the mini tiller type, traction type, motion type, and Thai type.

two wheel tractor types
a. Mini tiller type, b. Traction type, c. Motion type, d. Thai type

The following is an explanation of the types of 2-wheeled tractor:

  • Mini Tiller Type

The mini tiller type is the smallest two-wheeled tractor. This type has a fairly simple component, which is various types of rotary blades mounted on the tractor drive shaft. The rotary knife is used to replace the tractor wheel.

In addition, the mini tiller type has a drag-stake that is attached to the rear hook-up point of the machine. In general, this type is used for gardening in the yard and is rarely used for professional farming purposes.

  • Traction Type

The second type is the traction type. Traction type two-wheeled tractors are used for pulling plowshares or as a transportation of other agricultural tools. Compared to the mini triller, the traction type machine has a larger capacity, which is 4 to 6 PS. Traction type two-wheeled tractors do not have a rotary soil cultivator so they are often referred to as power cultivators.

  • Motion Type

The third type of two-wheeled tractors is the motion type. In contrast to the traction type which does not have a rotary device, the motion type is equipped with a rotary soil processing device. A motorized two-wheeled tractor will cultivate the soil and mechanically transmit the tractor’s power to the farm equipment installed behind it.

  • Thai Type

Unlike the previous type, the Thai type is a two-wheeled tractor that has a simple structure by relying on a diesel motor and water cooling. The installed control rod is longer and heavier than the traction type tractor. The power generated by the Thai type is much greater, which is 6 to 12 PS.

Components of 2-Wheeled Tractor

Two-wheeled tractors have fairly simple components due to the engine frame and usage. A 2-wheeled tractor has five important components as below.

two wheel tractor components
Components of 2-wheeled tractor


  1. Motor. The small motor fuel is placed on the front of the tractor with gasoline or cylinder fuel.
  2. The mounts with coupling points. Connecting between the motor mount and the engine at the front of the tractor.
  3. Transmission gear housing. This section includes the master clutch as well as the rear coupling point.
  4. Steering device. Used to control the direction and speed of the tractor combined with several control levers.
  5. Wheel. The component to move as well as cultivate the land to be plowed.