List of Traditional Agricultural Equipment: Types and Functions

In agriculture, there are things that are needed in the form of equipment to support work. The agricultural equipment is divided into two, which are traditional agricultural equipment and modern agricultural equipment.

Traditional agricultural equipment is still done manually which requires human labor to move them. Meanwhile, modern agricultural equipment has used machines to do the work.

Even though there are differences between traditional agricultural equipment and modern agricultural equipment, the use of traditional agricultural equipment is still a favorite for some farmers.

This may be because they are accustomed to using these equipment. So maybe for other people, the work may seem hard. But for them, this job is normal because they are used to doing it everyday.

Well, in this article, we will discuss the list of traditional agricultural equipment, of which we will discuss the types of traditional agricultural equipment along with the functions of each equipment.

Here is the list of traditional agricultural equipment.

Equipment’s nameFunctions of Traditional Agricultural Equipment
HoeIt is one of the traditional equipment used in agriculture for leveling the land, cleaning grass, and digging, and is usually made of wood or iron. Until now, this manual equipment is still used.
RakeAgricultural equipment that has a long handle and a fork-shaped tip, has the function of lifting, throwing straw, and throwing leaves. Rake is generally made of wood.
Agricultural spray equipmentOne of the traditional agricultural equipment that works as a container for spraying work, which has been previously filled with pesticides. Pesticides have the function of exterminating pests that are used to eradicate pests of organisms.
Wood Planer BladeA knife that is small in size and used to harvest rice is widely used in events such as traditional rice harvest ceremonies, especially in Sundanese society.
ThresherThis tool is used to remove the rice seeds from the stalk by swinging the rice plant on the tool. Generally, this tool is made of bamboo or wood.
Plug-inOne of the traditional agricultural equipment that works to plant seeds so that it is easier than using no tools at all.
PlowA traditional equipment that has the function of leveling the land after plowing.
Rice rulerIt is a tool made of wood to line the land in rice fields and has a distance of between 22 cm and 25 cm.
MacheteMachete is made of iron which has a function to cut logs or obstacles that are larger in size.
Rice weederThe equipment used to eradicate grass in rice plants is made of wood with nails made at the bottom.
SickleA piece of traditional agricultural equipment that is curved and sharp. It is useful for cutting grass around agricultural land.
Rice humping equipmentIt is the equipment used to shed rice from its stalks at the time of harvest which has been cut using rice cutting equipment.
Tillage equipmentSoil processing equipment used to plow agricultural fields so that they become loose and easy to plant rice seeds.
Pry equipmentAgricultural equipment that has a function to dig the soil and weed the grass in the fields.
CleanerTraditional agricultural equipment that is useful for cleaning dirt on rice.
Cutting equipmentIt is the equipment that aims to cut rice.

Those are some explanations about traditional agricultural equipment which is still used in planting and maintaining agricultural land. The use of traditional agricultural equipment is also not left behind compared to modern agricultural equipment, where many advantages are also offered when using traditional agricultural equipment.

Starting from the reduced expenses for the costs that must be incurred when using modern agricultural equipment, for example, fuel cost. Modern agricultural equipment such as any type of tractors, for example, requires fuel such as gasoline to move. Meanwhile, if you use traditional agricultural equipment, it does not require spending in the form of buying gasoline.

Another advantage is using traditional agricultural equipment helps prevent more air pollution. Air pollution can harm all life on earth if there is an excessive amount in the air.

However, one thing that must be considered is that if you use traditional agricultural equipment, you must have strong energy because almost all types of equipment require energy to function.