Several Type of Tools to Measure the Light Intensity

The light intensity is the power or the quantity of the light that can be produced by the source of the light, for example the lamps. So the light intensity is the size of power that’s produced by the source of the light. To measure the light intensity we need a special measurement tool.

The are several types of measuring instruments for the light intensity. The unit of quantity from the light intensity is called the Candela or Cd. There are the type of the tools:

1. Light Meter

As the name suggest, the light meter is some kind of tool that works to measure the wave of the light thats produced by the source of light. It comes in the medium size and you can hold it easily.

Light Meter can read the wave of the light directly from the source of the light. The light meter can also calculate the shutter speed and the value of the light aperture thats being used to catch the exposure with accurate result.

With the function to read the light aperture, this light meter is very important in the photograpy sector. With knowing the light aperture and the intensity, the light for the photography can be maximized. Another function is to find the right place that is suitable for the photography session.

2. Goniophotometer

Goniophotometer is the distribution and light intensity measurement tool from the other angle of the source of light. Goniophotometer typically a measurement tools that consists from the mechanical device to support the luminaire that will be calculated. With this device you can get the photometry nature from the light thats been measured.

Basically, this device already exist in the past. Come from the Greece language the Gonio, it means corner and photometry, it means light. You can also measure the light flux and the color temperature color lamp with this device.

In general, the Goniophometer used in the automotive session and other manufacturers, to bright up as the assemble is very important, so thats why we need this device.

3. Spectrophotometer

The next tool for measuring the light insensity is quite simple, the Spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer is one of a kind type of photometer that can measure the light absorption or the quantity from the chemical in somekind of silution.

The plan is to use the light document that in the end, the light document will be absorped through the samples. Every single one of the compound that included in the solution will absorp the existing light.

So, basically the device to measure the quantity of the loght photon from the light that already been absorped. This device will eventually produce the wave of light that in the end the intensity of the light will be appeared.

Spectrophotometer has two types of it, the first one is the single beam, the other is the double beam. The difference is in the process when the article being told. In the single beam, light will move on one specific direction. So the recored value is only be the absorption of the solution. Another advantages is there will always be some changes in the light intensity.

And the the type of the double beam is some kind of spectrophotometer that the value can be measured by using the solution in the place that already been decided at one time. This type is better compared in the single beam because the value of absorption has already been reduced by the value of the absorption on the template first, for more accurate calculation.

4. Digital Lux Meter LX-90

The last device to measure the light intensity is the LX-90. This device works to measure the size of the light intensity that is on some kind of room. With this device you can also calculate from 0 to 100.000 Lux. Lux is the unit of the international unit from the ligting and the spread level of the light.

On this device you will found some kind of probe diode that is in the different place that the main parts, the cable thats in the device is already old enough so it will be more flexible to help see the best part of a meal.

The LX-90 can also be used to determine the level of a source of light, so it is make sense if this device will be more often to found in some kind of cinematography that need the perfect lighting.

The device often found something that is in the hospital, factory, lab, and so on, because it will be important enough to adjust the size of the light intensity fast and accurate.