14 Tools For Making Cakes and Their Functions

Not only do you need good ingredients, but you also need other tools to help you make a tasty cake. When making a cake, people often use different tools.

Each tool does something different. It is very important to know what tools are usually used for someone who has never made a cake or is interested in making cakes.

Look at the list of tools for making cakes below to learn more:

1. Scales


If you want to make cakes, you have to have a scale. As its name suggests, the scale is used to weigh cake ingredients, like sugar, wheat flour, eggs, and so on, so they are all the same.

There are two kinds of scales on the market now: scales and digital. Each type of scale has its pros and cons. Just pick based on what you need.

Scales are a very important part of making cakes. With a scale, all the cake ingredients can be measured correctly, and in the right amount, so it should be possible to make tasty, not lumpy, and perfect cakes.

2. Mixer


The mixer has become an essential tool everyone who likes to bake cakes needs. A mixer is a beneficial tool for mixing the dough to come out just right.

You can choose hand, stand, and spiral mixers when shopping for a mixer. Each types of mixers has its uses and functions, which you can change to fit your needs.

Most mixers come with a lever or knob that can be used to change the speed of the stirrer. When baking cakes, it’s best to start slowly and then gradually speed up.

3. Whisk

pengocok tangan whisk

One mixer that doesn’t use a machine or electricity is a hand whisk or hand whisk. This hand beater is used to knead the dough by hand, as the name suggests.

Using a hand whisk, stir the dough in small amounts. It shouldn’t take long to mix everything. To mix the dough well, it’s best to use a hand mixer with wires just a little bit close together.

4. Measuring Spoon

sendok takar

Measuring spoons are used to measure small amounts of cake ingredients, like scales. Keep in mind if the measuring spoon differs from the spoon you would normally use.

Most measuring spoons come in different sizes, such as ¼ tsp (teaspoon), ½ tsp, 1 tsp, and 1 tbsp (tablespoon). To use a measuring spoon, you put the ingredients in the spoon and then flatten the spoon’s surface.

It’s easier to use a measuring spoon than a scale to measure ingredients, especially for things like salt, baking soda, yeast, and other small amounts.

5. Measuring Cup

gelas ukur

The measuring cup is also part of the tool used to measure liquid cake ingredients like water, oil, liquid milk, and so on. This measuring cup has a line scale that tells you how big it is in millimeters.

Most measuring cups used in the kitchen are in the shape of a pitcher, which makes it easier to pour. Also, measuring cups are made of clear materials like glass or plastic. It tries to figure out if the amount of liquid put into the measuring cup is the right amount or not.

6. Dough Container

wadah adonan

Ingredients for a cake that have already been measured must be put in a place where they can mix with other ingredients. Here, a place or a container is needed to process the cake dough.

Most cake dough containers are made of plastic or stainless steel and come in different sizes. Change the dough container to fit the number of ingredients needed for the cake that will be made later.

If you are making a lot of cakes, you should use a big container for the dough. A big container can hold a lot of cake ingredients and make it easier to mix them.

7. Spatula


The dough can be mixed with a hand mixer, a whisk, or a spatula. You can also knead dough that hasn’t been mixed in a mixer with a spatula.

Especially for the ingredients written on the container’s sides for the dough. Use a spatula to ensure that all the ingredients come together and mix well.

8. Brush

The brush is also a cooking tool used to make cakes. Of course, the brush used to make cakes is not the same as the brush used to paint.

Cakes can be made with brushes of different materials, like nylon, animal hair, or silicone. Sizes also vary, so pick one that fits your needs.

Usually, a cake brush is used to put egg yolks on top of pastries to make them look better. Not only that, but the brush also helps spread out the margarine on the baking sheet so that the cake doesn’t stick when it’s time to take it out.

9. Sieve

ayakan peralatan kue

Most of the time, dry ingredients like wheat flour must be sifted first to make a smooth cake dough. The sieve is not only used to sift flour but also cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and other dry ingredients.

You can also use a sieve to filter the liquid mixture, so there are no dough lumps in the dough. If you don’t filter, the dough won’t be smooth, and you might even find lumps of flour that aren’t evenly mixed.

10. Rolling Pin

Alat penggilas rolling pin

This type of cookware rolling pin can be a useful tool when making pastries. The rolling pin is used to flatten the cookie dough so that it is all the same height or thickness.

A rolling pin can also flatten the dough into thin sheets. For example, pastry dough must be flattened and folded several times to get layers.

11. Baking pan


When all of the dough is ready or has been shaped, it needs to be moved to a special pan called a baking sheet. There are a lot of different shapes and sizes of pans for cake dough on the market.

For the liquid dough, for example, a pan with a high rim is usually used so that the dough doesn’t spill out when it’s cooked. This pan can also be used to make a cake.

Most of the time, the thin, flat pan is used to put cookie dough in so that the cake cooks evenly when in the oven.

12. Spuit

spuit peralatan kue

A syringe is a tool used to make cakes. It has a cone shape and is usually made of metal or plastic. The ends can be shaped in different ways. People often use syringes to make shapes out of cookie dough, like cake syringes and a cat’s tongue.

Not only are syringes used to make cake shapes, but they are also often used to make decorations out of cream.

In general, a syringe and a plastic triangle are used together. This plastic makes it easy to print on cake dough with a syringe.

13. Baking Paper

kertas roti

Baking paper is just plain paper usually used to cover baking sheets or as a base. In addition to using margarine, the baking sheet can also be lined with parchment paper so that the dough doesn’t stick or come in direct contact with the baking sheet while it is cooking.

This baking paper benefits getting cakes like sponges and brownies out of the pan. So that taking the cake out of the pan is easier and takes less time.

There is even parchment paper that can be used more than once, which saves even more money.

14. Oven


Without an oven, a cake won’t rise or cook right, especially if it needs to go through the baking process. Please remember that there are many kinds of ovens on the market, from tangkring ovens that use a stove as a heat source to electric ovens. Just choose the right one for your needs.

So, an explanation of the tools you need to know about and have to make cakes. We hope that the information above will be helpful.