13 Tools for Barbershops and The Functions

A barbershop needs to have a lot of different tools so that it can do its job. The tools can do more than just cut or straighten hair. They can also be used for other treatments to help a person look better.

Even for a well-known barbershop, modern and sophisticated tools are used. The equipment is not cheap, but that goes without saying.

If you want to open a barbershop, it’s always a good idea to know ahead of time what equipment you have to have.

1. Barber Chair

Tools for Barbershops

The most crucial thing in a barbershop is the barber chairs. This item deserves extra attention because it has to do with how easy it is for customers to get services at the barbershop.

You can choose from different kinds of barber chairs. But the most important thing is that the chair is made of strong materials, has good foam, hydraulics, a comfortable leather lining, and is easy to clean.

Depending on the model, barber chairs can cost anywhere from Rp. 1,000,000 to over Rp. 10,000,000.

2. Hair Scissors

Tools for Barbershops

The next important tool that a barbershop needs to have is a hair clipper. Paper cutting scissors and hair cutting scissors are very different.

Barbershops usually use two kinds of hair clippers: regular hair clippers and sasak scissors. When you look at sasak scissors from the side, one of the scissors looks like a comb or has serrations.

Please ensure the scissors on the hair clipper are made of stainless steel so they won’t rust easily. As well as how the scissors are held, the barber must also think about how comfortable they are to use so that his fingers don’t get hurt or cut.

3. Comb

Tools for Barbershops

A barbershop doesn’t have everything it needs without a comb. Like scissors, combs are now an essential part of a barber’s toolkit.

The comb is not only used to straighten the hair but also makes it easier to cut or shave the hair so that it is all the same length and looks straight.

There are also different sizes of combs for barbershops. Even this comb can be bought in a set with various sizes that can be changed to fit your needs.

4. Hair Shaver

Tools for Barbershops

A hair clipper or clipper is one of the tools in a barbershop run by an engine. This tool makes it easier for the barber to cut a customer’s hair. Please note that you can’t always style your hair with just scissors and a comb.

Some models of hair clippers come with a cord that can be plugged into an electrical outlet to get power.

This shaver has also changed over time. Now, it doesn’t have a cord or a cordless feature. The power source for this hair clipper is a battery.

5. Razor

Tools for Barbershops

A razor or razor is an essential piece of barbershop equipment that shouldn’t be left out. Its main job is to clean up any hair that wasn’t cut by scissors or hair clippers.

Razor blades can also trim mustaches, sideburns, and beards.

6. Spray Bottle

Tools for Barbershops

Some barbers wet their customers’ hair before cutting it by spraying it with plain water from a bottle.

Use this spray bottle to control how much water you spray on your hair or just to wet certain parts.

It will be more accessible to style hair that has been wet with water so that the cut will be more even and neat.

7. Hair Clips

Tools for Barbershops

Even though hair clips are small, it turns out that they do an essential job.

As the name suggests, this tool can clamp hair that hasn’t been shaved or cut, so the barber doesn’t have to hold the hair with his hands while cutting or shaving hair in other places.

8. Mirror Table

Tools for Barbershops

A barbershop also needs to have a mirror table. This is not only a place to store tools for cutting or trimming hair, but it also makes it easier for barbers and customers to see how the haircut turned out.

9. Bristle Brush

Tools for Barbershops

The bristle brush in the barbershop cleans up hair stuck to the customer’s neck, face, or clothes. So, it will be easy to clean up any hair that gets stuck.

10. Apron

Tools for Barbershops

When cutting or shaving a client’s hair, a barber also needs an apron. This apron keeps the body or clothes from sticking to the haircut.

Both barbershop workers and customers wear this apron. It’s a different shape, like a poncho covering the body from the neck down.

11. Shampoo Chair

Tools for Barbershops

You can also shampoo or use a hair cream bath at the barbershop to take care of your hair. If a barbershop offers these services, it should, of course, have chairs for shampooing.

The shampooing chair shouldn’t be put down without thought because it needs to be close to the water source and have holes for water to flow through and drain.

12. Towel

Tools for Barbershops

Customers who have just shampooed can use towels to keep their clothes from getting wet from their wet hair. Towels can also be used to dry the part of the face that gets wet when splashes of water fall on it while rinsing.

Towels can be used to clean stuck-on hair from the face or the area around the neck.

There are many different kinds of towel sizes on the market. Most barbershop towels are small or medium-sized and have a rectangular shape.

13. Hair Dryer

Tools for Barbershops

Hair dryers or hair dryers are tools that every barbershop needs to have. This tool is part of electronic equipment, so it needs electricity to work.

Wet hair takes a long time to dry with a towel. So, hair dryers help barbershop workers dry their hair quickly, in a short amount of time, or just a few minutes.

Even the gust of wind from the hair dryer can help quickly clean up hair stuck to the body.

These are some of the things you need to know about barbershop tools. If you want to open a barbershop, it’s a good idea to look at the prices of barbershop equipment to ensure you can afford it. Don’t spend more than the money given.