6 Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Stalled During Flood

Flood is one big problem occasionally occur during rainy season and especially in Indonesia. When flood strikes, things become constrained. Especially for rider, because motorcycle is commonly stalled when passing by the flooded areas.

But this can be prevented to avoid a further damage. Here are the tips to prevent motorcycle from being stalled during flood:

1. Pay Attention to the Water Height Level

When riding your motorcycle across the flooded areas, make sure the water height level or the depth. If the depth level is lower than your motor spark plug, then it is still save to go through.

But if the water height level is higher than your motor spark plug, better to shut it off first. Driving your motorcycle through the flood in this condition, it will triggered imperfect combustion inside the machine.

2. Shut Down the Machine During Flood

This is wiser because when you decided to go through the flood with engine on, the water will flow inside the exhaust. This will cause the engine broke down.

3. Fill in the Gap of the Motorcycle Exhaust

The perfect way to do this is by using sponge. Sponge has a unique structure that absorbs water and not airtight.

During your way go through the flooded areas, water get absorbed by the sponge and exhaust fumes still be able to come out from the sponge pores. Automatically, the fumes shall dry up the sponge later on.

4. Lift the Stalled Motorcycle Body

In the case you already have your motorcycle broke down. Try to lift up the body upside down, exhaust should be at the bottom. This is intended to dry up the water, flowing out from the exhaust. The old time trick which people commonly practiced when this happen to their motorcycle.

5. Install a Rear Fender

rear fender
Rear fender

Rear fender was designed to hold on any occasion, including flood. It prevent the water splashing directly to the motorcycle rear side. In other word, shall prevent from being stalled.

6. Modify the Motorcycle

At times when you still want to go through the flood even with the water height more than the spark plug, be advise to have modification in the exhaust and other important parts higher than they used to be, more less above the usual flood height level.

Motorcycle Cleaning Method After Flood Striking

This is important for your motorcycle parts durability. Clean thoroughly after you strike the flood, otherwise some inside components are easily get rusty. The cleaning method is not as usual, a more detailed cleaning. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Body Cover

After being washed by the flood water which if filthy and muddy, you must clean not just the outside body the underneath of motorcycle cover. To wash away the dirt and mud.

2. Spray with Soap Water

After you uncover the motorcycle body, spray using a water hose. It is more effective with high pressure can wash away dirt and mud instead of just showering.

All areas must be sprayed evenly, the second round spraying is using soap water. This is no ordinary soap, it is a no-rust kind of soap. It is perfectly to maintain the iron parts because iron is easily rusty.

3. Let Dry

During this process use kanebo, it is a cloth perfectly absorbing the water. Put back on your motorcycle body cover.

4. Lubricate and Tighten the Chain

Next thing is lubrication the chain. It is essential to smooth the chain rotation. Tightened up as well. If you happens to see the chain is already not in good condition, it is wiser to have it replaced.

5. Check the Tires

During your ride striking the flood, there are possibility for the tires may accidentally ran into a spike or any other sharp objects that got carried away by the water. Check out the tires, to make sure still in good condition and no indication of punctures.

The best advise when heavy rain and flood highways to be avoided for riders as a safety precaution. But in terms of you have to go mobile due to work or urgent matters, remember these steps. Prevention may differ from each type of motorcycle. Get more insight of your motorcycle components before use is better.