5 Tips to Prevent Gas Cylinders from Exploding

Nowadays, the use of gas cylinders is very popular among households, traders and fishermen. In almost all sectors, many have used gas cylinders. At the beginning of its existence, this gas cylinder still received rejection from the public for fear of side impact from its use.

One of the popular belief is that gas cylinder are easy to explode. It is true that this cylinder can explode, if it leaks and comes into contact with fire. However, this can be overcome, if you understand how this gas cylinder works.

Besides having this concerning side impact, there are many benefits of using gas cylinders, such as cost-effective cooking and faster cooking time.

Considering that gas cylinders are very helpful, it is hoped that the users will stay cautious. Because after all, gas cylinders still have a negative impact if you are not careful in using them.

Care is required to prevent problems from happening, such as gas cylinder explosion, or a fire caused by the user’s own negligence. There are some tips that must be known to prevent gas cylinders from exploding. Here are some of them:

1. Select the Original Gas Cylinder with the SNI Logo

Currently, fake gas cylinders are circulating in the community. Many people want to take advantage of the sale of fake gas cylinders. Therefore, you must remain vigilant and suspicious if you encounter gas cylinders that are different in shape from gas cylinders in general. Especially if it does not have the standard license.

The standard license may applies nationally. Formulated by the technical committee and stipulated by the National Standardization Body, and formulated using the World Trade Organization (WTO) Code of Good Practice formula.

Various products are issued using that standard license logo, including gas cylinders. If you use a gas cylinder, make sure that the gas cylinder you are using has the standard license logo on it. This is to ensure that the gas cylinder is original, as well as avoiding the explosion as a result of using a fake gas cylinder that has low quality.

  • The following are characteristics of a good and original gas cylinder:

The body of the gas cylinder is smooth and not dented. But be careful if you find gas cylinder that is too sleek.

  • On the gas cylinder, there are standard license logo, along with the production code and serial number.
  • There is a seal on the gas cylinder which is attached properly.
  • The existence of water capacity.
  • The color is not that flashy than usual.

2. Perfectly Installed Gas Regulator

The regulator is one of the components between the hose and the gas cylinder. Another function of this regulator is to regulate the flow of the gas and lock the gas in the tube so it doesn’t leak.

Use a regulator that has standard license logo to make it safer. In addition, install the regulator properly and tightly to prevent any problems later.

3. Good Air Circulation in The Kitchen

Another tips to prevent gas cylinders from exploding is to make a kitchen that has good air circulation. Install a vent, so that air circulation in the kitchen is good.

Ventilation has a function to process air exchange, by regulating the entry of fresh air into the room and removing stuffy air.

4. Keep the Gas Cylinder Away from Heat Sources

You can prevent gas cylinder from exploding by keeping the gas cylinder away from the heat source. The heat source can come from electricity or fire around the gas cylinder.

To be safe, put the gas cylinder in a separate room. However, if this is not possible, then place the gas cylinder away from the heat source. This serves to prevent an explosion if at any time the gas cylinder leaks or the regulator is not properly installed.

5. Check when Buying a Gas Cylinder

Check the gas cylinder when you buy it at the store. Check it by paying attention to the gas cylinder weight first.

The sign of a leaky gas cylinder can also be checked by inserting the gas cylinder into a tub filled with water. Then pay attention if there are bubbles that come out, then there is a possibility that the gas cylinder is leaking.

However, if there are no bubbles coming out of the tub filled with water, it means that the gas cylinder is safe or not leaking.

Those are some tips you can do to prevent gas cylinders from exploding. Always be careful when using gas cylinders. Each type of gas stove may have a different way of installation, so you have to be careful.