11 Tips to Choose Hob Gas Stove

Nowadays many people choose the hob gas stove to cook, because the advantages of the hob gas stove that is more efficient and aesthetic.

The hob gas stove using the burner system of electronic to create the sparks (the click sound that you heard) when you first turn on the stove, it will be connected to the gas pipeline that will create the blue fire on the burner.

If you want a hnb gas stove , there are several steps to do such as:

1. Adjust the Quantity of Burners to your Needs

The hob gas stove has many types based on the quantity of the burner, from the single burner to the four burner system of hob gas stove. Those many types accommodate the needs of the single people, the new wedding of couple, small family and big family.

The most common type of gas stove is the two burners type. A family with four people usually need the hob gas stove with two burners, this is enough for daily use.

For a single people, the hob gas stove with one burner is enough, especially when you want to save space for a tight room.

For a new couple and dont have children yet, the hob gas stove with two burners is enough for cooking. If you have a children and need more burners, you can consider to buy the hob gas stove with three burners.

If you are a big family or need another commercial activity such as the restaurant, so it will be best to choose the hob gas stove with four burners.

2. Check the Distance of the Burners

The distance of the burners should not be to tight, to allow you to put a big cooking equpments simultaneously, however you can buy the hob gas stove with three burners or more.

The distance of the burners also affect the safety factor on the users, because sometimes you want to use a bigger equipments. So try to choose the hob gas stove with safe distance of the burners.

3. Choose the Material of the Brass Burners According to your Needs

There are several type of the brass burner such as brass material and the aluminum. The Burners from the brass material can be more expensive than the aluminum. This brass burner can absorp and distribute the heat faster and wider.

The Burners from the brass material has a longer lifetime for usage and is favorable by many users. This Burners from the brass material also resistant to the corrosion.

The brass burner from aluminum is the traditional burner and less resistant to corrosion. The aluminum brass burner can change form fast and need more frequent maintenance.

One of the reason some choose the brass burner from the aluminum material it because the price is cheaper. The brass burner from aluminum has much shorter time of usage and gonna need more maintenance.

4. Choose the Certified Ones

It is recommended to buy only the certified hob gas stove. Which the certificate control all the components that is mandatory inside the product to be safe for use.

5. The Upper Layer Glass or Steel

The upper layer that made from glass will be easier to clean and can give more elegant facade on the hob gas stove. The upper layer made from glass is more durable and strong.

The upper layer from glass also easy to maintain and has a longer time usage. But, the glass layer is easy to break when you put harder load and over heated.

On the contrary, the steel layer can be expanded and has expand coefficient so that it will be expanded when you put a harder load on top of it.

6. Optional Button

The button on the hob gas stove must always be clean for a better usage and the sturdiness. It is recommended to buy the hob gas stove that has matching design of button.

The button can be repaired and replaced in the house, the best material for the button is plastic and metals. The dirt, food materials, and other substance can clog the pores of the gas and make the cooking time much longer. You have to clean the hob gas stove periodically, at least once a month so that the usage time of the hob gas stove will be much longer.

7. The Important of the Safety Feature Flame Failure Device

The component of the flame failure device is the component that allows the gas pipeline to turned off when the fire is off. This feature become the standard equipment but not all of the model of the hob gas stove has this feature.

This hob gas stove component prevent the gas leakage and pile up in the room that can cause explosion. On top of that, this component also prevent gas leakage that can trigger the asthma on kids.

The gas that is out can be consisted of the nitrous dioxide and another substances.

This risk can be prevented, if you have the hob gas stove with the safe gas pipeline and installing the cooker hood that will absorp the emition from the gas flame and smoke when cooking, and blow it outside.

8. Check the Material on the Surface       

Search for the hob gas stove that has the surface easy to clean such as stainless steel or tempered glass. Several hob gas stove has the spillage container.

9. Check the Material of the Trivet

The trivet has to be flat and stable on top of the hob gas stove. Trivet that has the rubber support usually cannot move and will not scratch the surface. The support of the trivet without gap will allow you to slide the pot without having to lift the pot.

10. Feature

Beside the sturdiness and the material that create the hob gas stove, it is important to consider the additional features such as the wireless conectivity and the safety feature such as the automatically turn off system if the fire out.

11. Check the Design

Dont forget that you use the hob gas stove not only for cooking but also decorating the kitchen.

The hob gas stove need the visual design that is pleasant, elegant, and high quality that will make you proud for having it.

So you have to make sure that you choose the design according to your own preferences to make you happy for a long time.

That are several steps and tips to be known for having to choose your hob gas stove . Pay attention too for the budget so that it will suit best to your expectation and the ability to buy.