8 Tips on Choosing a Good Folding Bike for Beginners

The cycling trend has become a popular trend because it is considered cool. It became so popular that people started adding their own variations.

People use folding bicycles that are more relaxing and aesthetic as their choice of cycling. Also due to its shape, the advantages of folding bike is it does not take up space and is lightweight.

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The bicycle market is also full of various types of folding bikes, depending on the tyre size, frame-forming materials, gear ratios, and so on. As a result, many people are confused about what kind of folding bike is the most suitable for them.

These are tips on how to choose the right folding bike based on several categories ranging from price, type of material, and design.

1. Choose Based on Needs

Basically, there are folding bikes that are used for the city tour and mountain folding bikes. If you only use it for a short distance ride with smooth terrain then you will be more suited to this type of city tour folding bike.

On the other hand, if you want to use it for a medium-distance ride with up and down terrain, a folding mountain bike is a great choice.

Mountain folding bikes are usually made with stronger but heavier materials and are equipped with large gear ratios so that they can be adjusted accordingly.

On the other hand, city tour folding bikes are made of aluminum which is lightweight and anti-rust.

2. Consider the Weight of the Folding Bike

If you need a folding bike that is very portable, it’s a good idea to choose a lightweight folding bike. It is usually made of aluminum or alloy.

If you have more budget, though, you can choose carbon material because this material is strong and light. Another material is chromol, it is more resistant to rust and offers a variety of designs.

Meanwhile, if you need a sturdy folding bike, you can choose a Hi-ten steel bike which is strong but quite heavy.

The ideal folding bike is usually in the weight range between 10 kilograms and 20 kilograms.

3. Pay Attention to Tyre Size

Some manufacturers make small wheel diameters starting from 14 inches, this is because some consumers need a small folding bike so that it can be stored in a narrow apartment or residence in urban areas.

Some consumers even want folding bikes that are very compact so they can be stored in the office or the classroom.

However, for a folding mountain bike, the wheel diameter ranges between 18 to 20 inches. This is made to ensure that the ratio of wheels and gears is ideal for comfort when cycling.

So, choose the type of bike with the wheel size that suits your needs.

4. Pay Attention to the Number of Folds

Folding bicycle manufacturers offer a variety of designs based on consumer preferences. Some consumers in cycling-friendly countries, such as Germany and Japan, carry their folding bicycles to public spaces such as train stations, the office where they work, to their schools.

This is so that they do not have to leave their bicycles in public parking lots to prevent bike theft.

The folding bike that is chosen by this kind of consumer is of course a folding bike with a multi-fold design that allows them to reduce the dimensions of the bike as small as possible.

The downside is that this design makes the bike have too many angles of fracture at the expense of the strength of the bike frame. In addition, each fracture requires a special nut which makes the bike more prone to damage.

If you are a consumer who uses a folding bike without worrying about its ergonomic design and requires more sturdiness, then a folding bike with a slightly less amount of foldable parts is better for you.

5. Price of Folding Bike

There are many things that can affect the price of a folding bike. It could be from the well-known brand, the country of origin of the folding bicycle manufacturer, the materials used, and so on.

Some people consider folding bicycles, not only as sporting equipment but also as a tertiary item which function is to show social status. Thus, many people choose popular and expensive brands.

The second is the country of origin, this affects the seats and transportation costs of folding bicycles from the country of origin. If you choose a bicycle from Europe, the price will be more expensive than from Asia, such as China and Malaysia.

The next factor is the material used as the mainframe of the bicycle, which is the most important thing that determines the price of a folding bicycle. If you choose a folding bicycle made of carbon, the price will be very expensive because this material is light and strong.

Another thing that determines whether or not a folding bike is expensive can be seen from the design, paint, and condition of the bike for a used folding bike. In addition, additional accessories provided by the manufacturer can also make folding bikes more expensive.

6. Buying a Used Folding Bikes

If you want to buy a used folding bike, try buying it from people you already know or are in a reputable folding bike group.

If you buy it in a large marketplace, it’s possible that the condition of the parts or components of the folding bike being sold is no longer suitable for use or needs a thorough repair.

7. Assemble the Bike by Yourself

This method is not recommended if this is your first folding bike. But if you want a folding bike with a more personal preference to your liking, this option can be an alternative.

This step can be more expensive and time-consuming, but the results will be more satisfying than buying a ready-made folding bike.

8. Gear Specification

There are several kinds of gearboxes on folding bikes, namely single-speed, internal gear folding bikes, and the last one is external gear.

The single-speed gearbox category is similar to a fixie bicycle gearbox, which does not have an acceleration gear at all. Then for the internal gear category, the gear position is inside the hub. And the external gear is outside.

If you need speed, use a large gear ratio. The bigger the difference between the front and rear gears, the heavier your bike is but it will have a high top speed.

For example, if the front gear has 20 gears and the rear gear has 40 gears then the ratio is 2. If you are on an uphill road use a small gear ratio to have large torque with light pedaling.

The presence of shifters also varies, available from 4 to 10-speed variations. The type of shifter is divided into three, namely Revo which is used to change speed variations with handgrip rotation.

Then the thumb shifter is used to rotate the shifter using the thumb. And the last one is the rapid-fire plus shifter that uses the index thumb to change the speed variation.

So, those are some useful tips if you want to choose what type of folding bike is the most suitable. Any input and advice from experts will be more convincing in choosing the folding bike you want.