11 Tips on Buying a Used Car to Avoid being Scammed

Buying a used car is an alternative for some people who want to own a car. However, it is not that simple for a beginner.

Due to a fact that we do not know whether the condition of the car is still suitable for use, after being used by the previous owner. There is a risk that the used car we choose may need thorough replacement parts.

It could be due to the previous owner disregarding the condition of the car, the car was used for a heavy workload, to cars that were often trapped during a flood, causing corrosion.

As a result, instead of saving money, it forces us to spend more money because of the large costs of buying auto parts and repairs.

And not to mention from the legal side. We should make sure the car we buy, turns out to be the result of a criminal act or still in dispute status from a certain legal case. For example, from debt cases, pawned cars, to assets confiscated from the divorce process.

Well, there are so many reasons to be wary when choosing a used car, right? Therefore, we will give you tips on choosing a used car that is safe, cheap, and risk-free.

1. Check Service History

One thing that makes a motor vehicle last a long time is routine maintenance such as changing oil, changing spare parts, routine service, and so on. If the car is serviced regularly, then this car can be said to still have a formidable engine.

If you choose a used car with good service history, it is very likely that the car you choose will not cause problems in the future. You don’t have to waste money on replacement parts or anything else.

You can check the service record book that is filled in by the official repair shop every time the car is serviced. From there you can also predict what components must be replaced according to the number of kilometers in the car.

2. Don’t be Fooled by Low Prices

Get to know the type of car and its market price, as well as the reasons the old car owner sold it. If he sells his car cheaply because he needs quick money, then it is understandable that he puts it at a below-market price.

But if he doesn’t mention a specific reason, you must be cautious. Because it could be that the car broke down so he wanted to replace it immediately with a new car.

Because the law of economics applies the law of propriety, you get what you pay for. It’s not always the case, though, if you buy a used car in a showroom, it could be to attract the attention of consumers but with certain terms and conditions, or because the models offered are difficult to sell because of outdated fashion (warehousing).

3. Check Interior and Accessories

Take a look at the condition of the inside of the car, if there are traces of dirt or puddles, being trapped in a flood likely causes it. You need to pay attention to this because it could be that the bottom of the car is also experiencing corrosion.

Also, check whether the features in the car are still functioning properly. Whether the AC is still cold and whether the entertainment features such as speakers and LCD screen still work. This affects the selling price of the used car.

Used cars that have additional accessories can also have higher prices, for example on leather seats, dashboard leather, footwear, lights, and audio features.

4. Check the Car Body

One of the most important things when checking a car is to look at the condition of the car body, either the frame or the mainframe.

This can be seen from the knocking sound that comes out when you knock on the body. If there is a big hollow sound, the car body is probably already fragile.

Also, try to check whether the car body is still symmetrical or not. Because cars that have experienced a collision have experienced an overhaul that makes it asymmetrical.

Check whether the paint is sprayed evenly or not. See also the condition of the door panels, hood, and rust on the chassis.

5. Check the Engine Condition

A good car engine has a smooth sound and does not have excessive vibration. In addition, used cars that are still good also have smooth gearshifts and no oil leaks in the engine.

In order to check the engine condition, do a test drive to see the condition of the brakes and acceleration, and how the performance of the used car is.

6. Check if the Documents are Complete

This is arguably the most fundamental thing when conducting any transaction, not only used cars, also houses, jewelry, to electronic equipment. It is required to have a complete set of documents for the transactional purpose.

Otherwise, you can get into trouble because you are presumed to be using stolen goods, or because the used car you are about to buy has not been paid off, and so on.

Don’t forget to also make sure the tax is paid regularly so that you won’t get hit by a massive bill.

7. Bring an Expert Mechanic

One thing that makes it easier for you to see if the car is worthy to own, is to bring in an expert mechanic.

There’s a lot you have to learn if you want to have a deep intuition to understand the ins and outs of cars. If you want to learn more about cars, this will be useful to you.

But if you just want to know the condition of a used car, this will be very time-consuming. For that, having an expert mechanic acquaintance is a big plus.

8. Buying on Credit

Several financial institutions can help you own a used car with the credit method. But this will cause some burden on your monthly finances in the future.

Plus, the total price of the car will be much higher than buying it in cash. Therefore try to think twice if you want to take this option.

In addition to credit, you can also own a used car by way of over-credit, which is to pass on other people’s credit to the credit giving institution. Don’t make this transaction without the knowledge of the credit institution.

9. Take it to an Authorized Workshop

Do a general check-up at an official repair shop before you are sure to buy the used car of your dreams. The technician will provide an assessment of the feasibility of this used car to be owned or not.

If there are too many parts that need to be replaced, you need to think about lowering the price or even canceling the transaction.

10. Management Budget

If you have funds of 140 million, then use only 100 million to buy a used car, the rest is just in case the car you buy needs to be taken to a repair shop for service. That way you don’t panic when something happens that requires you to spend some money.

11.  Insurance

Used cars also need insurance so that you are guaranteed insurance in the event of damage or an accident on the road. This will save you from financial losses in the future.

Those are tips for choosing a used car from us, don’t forget to do more research on specifications, completeness of spare parts, and also the market price.