6 Tips for Choosing the Right Car Tires

In addition to motorbikes, cars are another vehicle that many people want. When buying a car, one thing to consider is how many people it can carry at once.

As a car owner, you have to take care of your car. The engine and other parts, like the tires, are also very important to a car.

Tires are a part of a car that often touches the road, so they must be replaced repeatedly.

Maintenance on car tires shouldn’t be done without care because this part has a lot to do with the rider’s safety. Because of this, it’s essential for people who own cars to know how to pick the right tires.

Then, what are some tips for choosing the right tires for your car so you can avoid accidents and drive in comfort? Let’s take a look at some of these tips:

1. Make sure the selected car tires match your needs

The first thing you should do when choosing car tires is to make sure they meet the needs of car users.

There are many different kinds of car tires on the market, such as radial tires, bias tires, tubeless tires, RFT tires, and so on.

The High Terrain (HT) type is an excellent example of a car that is usually used to cross urban highways because it is quiet and easy to carry while driving.

It’s not the same for off-road cars and cruiser cars. The right kind of tire is a Mud Terrain model, which is strong and sturdy even when driving over rough terrain.

2. Adjust to Tire Type

The next tip is to make changes depending on the kind of tire. Most of the time, the type of tire has been changed to meet the tire standard when the car was made.

If you don’t know what kind of tires fit your car, it’s straightforward. Just look at the combination of codes on the tires and the part of the key or door plaque that has them engraved (depending on the type of car).

For example, the code for a car tire is P 215/55 R17 93V. The “P” in that code stands for “Passenger,” meaning the tire is made to carry people. The letter “R” stands for “radial.”

3. Pay Attention to Tire Size

When choosing car tires, you should also consider the tires’ size. For tires with the code P 215/55 R17 93V, the number 215 means that the tread width is measured in millimeters and affects the tire’s speed and performance.

The number 55 means that the thickness is measured as a percentage of the tire’s width. In other words, the car tires are 55% thick as 215 millimeters.

The tire is more extensive and thicker as the number goes up. The tire’s balance is also kept. On the other hand, if the car tire you choose has a small thickness value, it can affect how well it works.

For the number R17, R stands for “radial,” and “17” is the diameter of the rim in inches. When the car tires are used, the number 93V shows how much weight the car can carry and how fast it can go safely.

Each tire on the number 93 has a load index that shows how much weight it can carry. And “V” is the maximum speed that is allowed, which is 240 km/h.

4. Choose By Flow Design

When choosing tires for your car, you should also look at the groove design, pattern, or tire motif. This is important to remember because it depends on how much the tires and road stick together.

Small tire friction can make you more likely to slip, especially on wet roads. So, if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, you should choose a car with a V-shaped design that has a lot of friction.

If you live where the roads are bumpy, you should get tires with a round tread pattern. Change your tires right away if the grooves are thin or bald. This is to make it less likely that you will slip while driving.

5. View Year of Manufacture

The next thing to think about when choosing tires for your car is the year they were made. Paying attention to the code on the tire is a simple way to keep track of it. Most tires have a four-digit number, like 3722, on them.

The code has two meanings. The first two digits of the number 37 mean that the tire was made in the 37th week. The number 22 shows that the tire was made in the year 22. If you look at the whole thing, car tires are made in the 37th week of 2022.

Knowing when the tires were made, the car’s owner can figure out how old they are. Choosing tires made in a newer year is a good idea because the quality is still guaranteed.

How good car tires depend on how long they have been stored. It could be that the place where the tires are kept is too humid or gets too much direct sunlight. It could also be that the tires aren’t perfect.

6. Use Car Tires from Famous Brands

When choosing car tires, the most important thing you can do is make sure they are from a well-known brand. Most of the time, you can count on the quality of tires from famous brands.

There are several well-known brands of car tires on the market right now. Just make changes based on what the car owner wants and can afford.

And those are tips on choosing the right tires for your car. If you own a car, don’t forget to check the condition of your tires often, especially if you drive it often.

As car owners, we must consider how safe and comfortable driving is.