6 Tips for Choosing Shockbreakers for Cars and Motorcycles

Tips for Choosing Shockbreakers for Cars and Motorcycles

A shock breaker also called a shock absorber, is a part of a tube-shaped car that absorbs or dampens shocks caused by movement.

Shockbreakers are an essential part of motorized vehicles like cars and motorcycles. They reduce the effects of rough roads on the vehicle when moving.

If a car doesn’t have a shock absorber, it will be unstable and have shocks, especially when driving on roads with bumps or potholes.

There are times when the shock breaker needs to be replaced. This is usually the case if the car is more than five years old and every three years if it is used often. But it depends on how well the vehicle is taken care of and how it is used. Sometimes, shock absorbers can last up to 7 years.

If the shock absorber is broken or the body feels jiggled when the car drives over a pothole, the shock absorber needs to be replaced immediately. Here are some tips on how to choose a good and correct shock breaker, so you don’t get it wrong:

1. Considering the Brand

When choosing a shock absorber, the first thing to think about is the brand of the shock absorber.

Shockbreakers must be made by well-known companies and have a quality guarantee. So, buyers don’t have to worry about the product they’ve chosen, and there’s less chance it will break.

As a guide, it never hurts to ask someone with experience or who knows a lot about cars so that you don’t choose the wrong type of shock absorber for your vehicle.

2. Shockbreaker Code

When choosing the next shock breaker, you should also pay attention to the code written on the shock breaker. The code is a number that is etched with a laser, which is a high-tech tool.

So it makes sense that the number code engraved on the shock absorber will look neat and smooth when it is done.

But buyers should also be careful if the code on the shock breaker looks sloppy or is painted in a different color. The shock breaker may be a fake, so you shouldn’t buy it.

3. Shockbreaker Type

There are many different kinds of shock absorbers on the market. For this reason, knowing what types of shock absorbers work best for what kinds of vehicles are not a bad idea.

For example, the shock absorbers on motorcycles are not the same as the ones on cars.

There are also two kinds of motorcycle shock breakers: those that work in two ways and those that only work once. You can tell the difference between these two kinds of shock absorbers by pulling the shock absorber out of its normal position and making it a little longer.

As for cars, there are two types of shock absorbers based on their materials: those made of gas and those made of oil. Both have differences that can be changed based on what you need.

Gas-based shock absorbers are hard and work well for people who like fast and aggressive cars. On the other hand, the shock breaker is made of oil, which is soft when pushed and feels a bit heavy when pulled.

4. Ring Shape

At the top or bottom of each shock absorber is a ring. The ring in the new shock breaker will be round, smooth, and shiny. Looking at these parts, you can tell that the shock breaker is not a used item.

If the shock breaker ring or earrings don’t look too shiny and don’t make a perfect circle, they may be used.

5. Pay Attention to the Body

Aside from checking the earrings or ring, the shock breaker body is another essential part to look at. Even though this part is sometimes hard to see because it is hidden by a spring, it doesn’t hurt for a buyer to pay close attention to the shock breaker body.

If the stem or body of the shock breaker has a scratch on it, it could be a failed or rejected product being sold. It would be better not to buy the shock breaker, and you should instead choose a shock breaker with a shiny body.

6. Considering the Price

When choosing a shock breaker, it’s just as important to consider how much it costs. Shock breakers’ prices vary based on the brand, model, and material used to make them.

Comparatively, finding out how much the shock breaker you need costs at different stores never hurts. Don’t let the cheap price shock breaker tempt you. The shock breaker may be fake or used, which means it’s not very good.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good shock breaker. Make sure to buy the shock absorber selected from a trusted and well-known store whose products are known to be real so that you know they will be of good quality.