6 Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycles are one type of two-wheeled vehicle that many people choose because they are cheap, easy to use, and can get through narrow streets and traffic jams that are common in cities.

Even though motorcycles are popular, they need to be taken care of, especially the tires. The most important part of a motorcycle is its tires because the motor can’t move without tires.

Tires on motorcycles that are worn or look bald need to be replaced right away. The goal is to ensure the tires don’t leak and make driving more comfortable.

So, it’s essential for people who own two-wheeled vehicles to know how to pick a good and correct motorcycle tire. The first step in taking care of your favorite motorcycle is ensuring it has good tires.

So, let’s look at some tips for choosing motorcycle tires to get ones that meet your needs.

1. Customize by Type

It is essential for people who own motorcycles to know what types of motorcycles tire most of these two-wheeled vehicles use. Based on how they work, motorcycle tires can be split into two groups: wet tires and dry tires.

Wet tires are made for driving on wet roads, especially when it rains. Grooves that go all the way to the edge of the tire are a sign that the tire is wet. The purpose of these grooves is to get rid of water when the tires are moving on damp or soggy roads.

As for dry tires, they work well on smooth, dry roads that don’t have any bumps. When a tire is dry, there aren’t as many grooves or sometimes none. So, motorcyclists need to be careful when the roads are wet because these tires can get slippery.

2. Pay attention to the Tires Code

The code on the tire is the next thing to consider when choosing motorcycle tires. On the outside of a tire from a particular brand, you can usually find a code made up of numbers and letters.

Some of these codes, like 3420, mean something. The number has two meanings: the first two numbers, “34,” stand for the 34th week, and the last two numbers, “20,” stand for the year the item was made. If the tires are made in the 34th week of 2020, it can be said for sure.

The following code, with numbers and letters, is just as necessary. For example, 130/70-17 M/C 62S. The code means something: 130 is the tire’s width in millimeters, and 70 is the tire’s height in percent times its width in millimeters.

M/C (Medium Compound) tells you what kind of tire is being used, 17 is the tire’s diameter in inches, 62S is the load index, and the letter “S” stands for speed.

On motorcycle tires, there are more codes than just numbers and letters. The triangle shape on the side of the tire is one example. This code is called TWI, which stands for “Tread Wear Indicator.” It shows how worn the tires are.

If the groove in the tire is getting close to the triangle mark, it means the tire is worn out and needs to be changed right away.

3. Choose Tires According to Wheel Size

When choosing motorcycle tires, it’s just as important to pay attention to the size of the tires. Tires for motorcycles have to be the same size as the wheels. If a motorcycle owner wants to use tires that are bigger than what the manufacturer recommends, they should be no more than 2 inches bigger.

Manufacturers of motorcycles usually still have a tolerance limit for changes in tire size of more than 2 inches for people who want to buy bigger tires.

4. Also, Know the Purpose of Using Tires

People who own motorcycles can choose from a wide range of tires on the market. But the type of use must also be considered when choosing motorcycle tires.

For example, standard-size tires should be used on a motorbike for daily tasks. Motorcycles used for touring or racing have different sizes and shapes to match the road conditions.

5. Choose Tires with the Best Brand Reputation

As a customer, you can usually tell if a product is a high quality by looking at the brand name. The same goes for choosing tires for a motorcycle. On the market, you can find tires made by several different companies.

Make sure to buy tires from brands whose products are known for being good. Most of the time, well-known tire brands have the best quality products and meet national or international standards.

6. Adjust to Budget

When choosing motorcycle tires, it’s just as important that they fit the owner’s budget. Tires that cost a lot of money don’t always have the best quality. But sometimes tires with lower prices aren’t as good as they seem and should be avoided.

The most important thing is that the tires chosen to fit within the budget, meet the needs, and are of the highest quality.

These tips on choosing motorcycle tires can be used as a guide when you buy tires. Ensure that the motorcycle tires you choose are real, made by a well-known company, and have a quality guarantee. The information above should help you choose better motorcycle tires.