5 Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle chains, sometimes need to be replaced, so that you feel safe and comfortable, make sure you have selected a motorcycle chain that suits the needs and functions of your vehicle.

Some of the points that you must understand include:

1. Buy Chains and Gear Sets in One Package

Buying gear and chain components separately carries a high risk because they may not be suitable when installed. This can be seen by the presence of noise when the motor is used.

2. Gear Set Substitution

For drivers who want to modify their vehicle for purposes such as racing or heavy transportation, they usually choose to substitute the gear set. This is intended to be more durable and match the modified specifications.

To increase the power as a transport vehicle, usually the chain chosen as a substitute is a larger chain. If you use your motorcycle for racing, usually a smaller chain will be selected.

The motorcycle chain you choose must be suitable for use as there is a risk of breaking on the road if it does not meet load specifications.

3. Pay Attention to Engine Capacity

Adjust the cylinder capacity of the engine or cc with the chain function that you will use. Also adjust the type of chain according to your usage. For example, for daily use, touring, or racing.

Therefore, understand several types of chains such as type 415, 420, for motorcycles. And types 428, 428H and 520 for motor sports.

4. First Adjustment

Make a first adjustment on the chain that you just installed, at least one week after purchase. This adjustment consists of adjusting the chain tension.

A chain that is attached too tightly can cause wear and may result in chain extension, increasing replacement costs. The tension in the chain can be calculated from the sprocket center distance.

You do this by pressing the chain right in the middle of the sprocket diameter and make sure the drop point is between two to four percent of the sprocket center distance. Or drop about two to three inches from the center point.

5. Understand the Code Existing on a Motorcycle Chain

There are several codes that you can find on a motorcycle chain, by understanding this code, it is hoped that you can adjust the specifications and chain requirements on your motorbike. These codes include:

  • H which means heavy duty, meaning this chain is suitable for heavy performance.
  • SB means solid bush, meaning that the chain bushing is made of solid iron plate so that the durability is high so that it is not easily stretched.
  • T meaning that this chain uses a special material that can maximize the lubrication of the chain mechanism.

Those are some tips for choosing the right motorcycle chain. Also know the parts of the motorcycle chain, so that you better understand its function.