5 Tips for Choosing a Water Heater

Taking a warm bath at the end of a busy day is the best way to relax and feel like a new person again. You only need a water heater to take a quick, accessible bath with warm water.

water heater
water heater

It’s not surprising that many homes now use a water heater to make hot water right away and run it through the bathroom faucets.

You can choose from different brands and models of water heaters. Here are some tips on selecting a water heater so you don’t make a mistake when buying:

1. Customize the Shape

The first thing to consider when choosing a water heater is its appearance. From the way they look, there are two types of water heaters: those with storage tanks and those that heat water only when needed.

A standard water heater looks like a tank and uses the tank to store water. On the other hand, on-demand water heaters don’t have tanks and only heat water when needed.

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The water in a water heater storage tank is heated first, then put in a large tank.

On the other hand, the on-demand type (tankless) works by heating the water as it comes into the input section. In this section, the water is heated and drained from the faucet or shower while it is still hot.

2. Count the Number of Occupants

When choosing a water heater, you should also consider how many people will live there. This affects how much water the tank needs to hold.

Please note that it takes a long time for this type of water heater storage tank to heat water, especially for large tanks.

For example, a 15-liter water heater storage tank is perfect for two people to use simultaneously. So, if more than two people use it, the water will need to be heated again before it can be used.

On the other hand, the on-demand type can only heat a small amount of water at a time and is best for someone who lives alone. Because you can change how much hot water flows.

3. Power Required

To choose your next water heater, you need to know how much power it uses. There are three types of water heaters based on the resources they use:

Gas Type

Gas-powered water heaters are the traditional kind. This gas work is similar to how a gas stove heats the water.

So, when installing this water heater, it’s essential to ensure enough airflow so there won’t be a fire. It’s also a good idea not to put anything flammable near the water heater.

This gas water heater uses less energy than an electric water heater. Since it runs on gas, the type of gas must also be considered. Most of the time, this water heater gets its power from natural gas or propane.

Electric Type

Electric water heaters come in many different styles. Unlike gas-powered water heaters, this one is safer because there won’t be any gas leaks that could start a fire. It’s also smaller, so it won’t take up a lot of room.

This water heater needs a lot of electricity and a power source. No wonder if you use this water heater often, your monthly electricity costs will go up.

Still, gas water heaters don’t last as long as electric ones. This is because the parts are simple and don’t have direct contact with heat.

Another good thing about this water heater is that it works more quickly and efficiently to heat water.

Hybrid Type

A heat pump is a type of water heater that uses heat from the air to heat water. It is also known as a hybrid water heater. This water heater is newer and uses less energy than electric water heaters.

This water heater usually has an electric heat pump that pulls hot air from outside the tank into the tank. The water in the storage tank is heated by hot air. Because of this, the hybrid type of water heater uses less energy and works better.

4. Have a Security System

A water heater’s security system is just as important when choosing one. The security system in question can be seen from the gas line, which has a leak-proof coating so that gas leaks, which can start fires, don’t happen.

So, choosing a water heater from a reputable brand with a warranty is always a good idea. If there is damage to or something wrong with the water heater, the customer can claim free service or repair of a broken part.

5. Size According to Available Space

There are different sizes of water heaters, ranging from small to medium. So, when choosing a water heater, it’s never a bad idea to ensure the size fits your space.

Don’t forget to pay attention to how it will be installed. A water heater usually has a pipe for draining water and a cable for getting power.

Here are some things you can do to help choose a water heater. The information above should be functional and helpful.