7 Tips for Choosing a Printer and How to Take Care of It

The printer, which is a developmental version of the typewriter in the early 80’s, is hardware as a printing tool that is now commonly used and very much needed.

Along with the advancement of the times, printers have undergone many changes in terms of technology which automatically affect the sophistication of their work.

It is undeniable that nowadays people have used a lot of documents or files in digital form.

However, documents in physical form are still needed today. Especially for those related to company interests and designs, which are commonly known as blueprints.

With the still high number of needs and use of printers, it is not surprising that manufacturers are competing to create printing machines that have new features and growing sophistication.

But what needs to be remembered here is that, as a consumer, choosing a printer cannot only be seen in terms of sophistication. There are several factors that must be considered before buying a printer.

1. Adjust to the Needs

Everyone has their own needs in using the printer. Because each printing machine has different specifications, it’s best to first make sure what we need or how heavy the work will be.

If it is only for printing ordinary documents such as Word or Excel in not too many quantities, then the deskjet type with cartridge or laser printer type is sufficient and can be used as an option.

However, if you feel you need a multifunction printer with more features, the all-in-one inkjet type can be the right choice, because this printers type is equipped with scan and copy features.

2. The Condition of the Printer

Because printers can be one of the investment tools you have, one thing you should pay attention to before buying a printer is to make sure it is in a new condition. Don’t be tempted just because of the price.

Even though you have to spend more money, a new printer that is not second will be guaranteed quality and will get an official guarantee from the distributor.

A new printer doesn’t have to be expensive, and sometimes the price doesn’t differ too much from that of a second hand.

3. The Warranty of the Printer

The warranty that is generally given by the distributor is also an important thing to pay attention to. It is better to choose a printing machine with a long warranty period.

Because the time period can be interpreted as a sign of how serious the quality is being sold and offered by the manufacturer or distributor.

4. The Brand of the Printer

Brand is the next factor that must be considered and considered properly. Generally, the brand is also one of the determining factors related to quality as well.

Several well-known brands that have long played in the world of the electronics business, including printers, can be an accurate recommendation. Keep in mind once again, don’t be easily tempted by lower prices.

5. The Cost of the Printer

Before you buy a printer, you should calculate the cost first. Not only costs for purchases, but expenses for use and routine maintenance must also be considered.

Because the printer is an object that is prone to damage if not treated, no matter how good the quality.

Typical usage costs include ink consumption, ink tank replacement, ink nozzle cleaning, and routine and periodic maintenance of the printheads.

6. The Physical Condition of the Printer

The physical condition of the printer is one part that you must pay attention to and check before making a purchase.

Even though you have made sure the printing machine is in a new condition, it is also possible that the condition is not smooth or there are disturbances in the operational system.

7. The After Sales Service

Apart from physical conditions that should be considered before buying, after sales services carried out by distributors must also be considered.

The reason is that this will continue in the future, such as regarding warranty claims and printer service issues in the event of damage later. When the after sales are bad, this will make it difficult for you in the future.

As mentioned briefly above, printers are objects that are prone to damage if they are not cared for and maintained properly. Therefore, you also need to know the printer maintenance steps, namely:

  • Pay attention to where the printer is stored, do not place it in an area that is exposed to direct heat
  • The printer driver must be completely installed
  • Pay attention to the quality of the ink used
  • Do not place or fall on the printer with heavy objects on it
  • Give a pause for the printer to rest if the temperature is too hot
  • Use a printer that suits its function

After knowing the steps above, it is hoped that you are not wrong before buying a printer that suits your needs.

One thing to remember, it has been emphasized above that don’t be easily tempted or tempted by low price offers. Because the article is related to the level of quality offered from a printer.