6 Tips for Choosing a High Quality and Durable Pan

Kitchen equipment is part of household appliances that must be fulfilled. There are many kitchen equipments with different functions that you can easily buy on the market. You can choose the equipment according to your needs.

When you are going to make food with sauce, of course, you need a cooking tool called a pan. Pans are kitchen equipment that is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. There are various types of pans, according to their function.

It is important to know that non-stick equipment is recommended so as not to cause some harm. Non-stick pans are usually designed to withstand a certain temperature. However, it should be noted for those of you who are still learning to cook, not to heat an empty pan on the stove.

Talking about pans is certainly not complete without knowing complete tips for getting the best pans that are safe to use. Here are some tips that you can apply when buying a pan.

1. Choosing Safe and Quality Materials

You need to know that there are several types of materials that are commonly used to make pans, one of which is aluminum. Pans made of aluminum are quite widely used by the community. This is certainly not without reason, because aluminum pans have high resistance to heat and are easy to care for.

The second material that is often used is cast iron, which is strong and non-sticky. For those of you who want to live a healthy life and become a vegetarian, you can use a cast-iron pan. This material is quite popular with well-known brands with a modern design.

This pan is perfect for those of you who want a minimalist kitchen look because the pan looks more attractive. However, it should be noted that this material is very sensitive to acidic foods. Therefore, you can avoid acidic foods when using cast iron pans.

Another material used to make pans is copper. Copper will create an attractive and antimicrobial pan. The conductor in a copper pan will usually produce high intensity heat.

The food will cook faster when you use this copper pan. However, it should be understood that a copper pan has a high price.

Another material that is also often used to make pans is stainless steel which has a classic and nice appearance. The good news about this pan made of stainless steel is that it is safe to use because it doesn’t react with food when heated.

When you are going to buy a pan, make sure to choose the materials that suit your needs. A pan with the right materials will help you get the taste of food that suits your preference.

2. Good Conductor Properties

The pan as kitchen equipment that is useful for cooking food, of course, must have a good conductor. You can look at the thickness and weight of the pan to determine the level of the conductor.

A good conductor will allow you to cook in a short period of time at the perfect cooking level. Pans with good heat conductors are usually made of copper or aluminum. The pot with this material will be easy to heat and cool.

A thick pan has a greater distance between the cooking surface and the heat source. This makes the cooking process take longer to get to the perfect cooking. You can also choose a pan that uses a lid because it can speed up the cooking process.

3. Durability of the Pan

The pan which is a kitchen equipment, of course, will be used every day for a long period of time. Therefore, you need to choose a pan with high durability. A pan with high durability will last a long time.

This of course will help you to save expenses. You don’t need to buy a new pan every year when you have a pan that endures well. Stainless steel pan is generally considered to be the pan with the best level of resistance.

4. Price of a Pan

Shopping for household needs, of course, must be carefully estimated so that expenses do not occur. When you are going to buy a pan, be sure to check the price printed on the pan. Make sure you can afford to buy the pan and still be able to buy other necessities.

Avoid spending money on just one kitchen appliance. You can buy quality pans at affordable prices without having to spend on an entire household budget.

5. Pan’s Reactivity

The metal used to make pans can sometimes react directly with food. Aluminum has a tendency to react with food ingredients such as tomatoes and limes.

You need to adjust the ingredients to the pan you are using. When you frequently cook foods that contain acids, make sure not to use metal pans.

6. Maintenance

For those of you who are busy and don’t have time to brush up on cooking utensils every day then make sure to buy a pan that is easy to clean.

Pans made of cast iron and copper can be avoided as they require extra care. You can buy stainless steel pans, which are easier to clean.

You can apply some of the tips above to get a superior quality pan that can be used every day. Don’t forget to choose the right shop to get a pan at an affordable price but still of superior quality.