7 Tips for Choosing a Good TV Antenna

Antenna is a device used to receive or transmit electromagnetic waves. Many devices use antennas such as radio, cellphone, Wi-Fi, and television.

There are also indoor and outdoor TV antennas. An indoor antenna is an antenna that is placed indoors, while an outdoor antenna is the opposite. Of course, outdoor antennas are better at capturing and transmitting signals.

Many antenna manufacturers have made antennas with several advantages. Actually, choosing an antenna is not too difficult because there are several tips that can be used to choose the right antenna.

However, because of the many types of antennas on the market you will be confused in choosing an antenna.

Therefore, for those of you who are going to buy a TV antenna, you should pay attention to some of the tips below so that you get the right antenna for your TV. Here are 7 tips for choosing a good antenna.

1. Know the Type of TV Used

The first tip for choosing a TV antenna is to know in advance what type of TV you are using. This is to maximize the use of the antenna according to the type of TV you are using.

For example, LCD or LED TVs are usually less good at capturing signals, while tube or plasma TVs are better at capturing signals.

Therefore, you need to know the type of TV you are using first, then adjust the size of the antenna that you will use.

Use medium to large antennas for LCD/LED TVs and use medium or small antennas for tube or plasma TVs.

The size of the antenna will certainly affect the signal capture power, the bigger the better. However, it also depends on the specifications found on your TV.

2. Select Lined Up TV Antenna

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TV antennas that are lined up (Yagi) long are the types of antennas that are quite good at capturing signals. Because this antenna is equipped with a long director, the signal that is captured or transmitted is larger. In addition, the direction of the transmitter is more directional.

You can choose this type of antenna as a TV antenna in your home. And signal capture will not be disturbed by trees or high-rise buildings because this type of antenna has a lined design.

3. Choose the Type of Coaxial Antenna Cable

Coaxial type antenna cable is a type of cable that is quite good for connecting transmissions between electronic devices.

And also you also need to choose a coaxial cable with a conductivity of 75 ohms because the number of fibers it has is more and thicker and the wire is a larger conductor.

It is recommended to install the antenna cable with the booster that has length of 150 cm or 1.5 meters straight without any coils.

If the transmitter distance is close and the RF power amplifier is too large, you can reduce the UHF Gain trimmer to a smaller size. However, if the range is far you can set it to the maximum position.

The height of the antenna should also be adjusted to the location and distance of the antenna from the transmitter to make it ideal. Make sure all connectors are connected properly and correctly.

4. Choose a Trusted Brand

Choosing an item must also be determined based on a brand, and the antenna is no exception. You can choose an antenna according to a trusted brand that most likely has a good quality antenna.

The more trusted a brand is, the more people will use it and of course the quality is not in doubt.

In addition, trusted brands are usually faster in handling problem and have a warranty so you don’t have to worry if one day your antenna has problems.

5. Choose the Rotator Antenna

To ensure the resulting image is clear, you should choose an antenna that has a rotor. This is because the antenna that has a rotor can move or rotate easily.

So when the signal obtained is not good, then this antenna will look for the direction of the strongest signal so that the resulting image is clear.

6. Choose Antenna with Easy Installation

The next tip is to choose an antenna with an easy installation process. So that later you can easily install it yourself and also easy to move it.

Generally, instructions will be provided in the purchase package, but that does not guarantee ease of installation.

Especially if there is a problem with your antenna, it will definitely be a report if you find it difficult to disassemble it. Therefore, make sure to choose an antenna with an easy installation.

7. Use Booster as Signal Booster

Booster is used to make the beam from the TV antenna stronger because this tool is able to forward the received signal and clear the signal barrier.

This booster also has an important role to get clear image quality. Especially if your place lacks of electromagnetic signals that cause poor image quality.

However, keep in mind that excessive signal amplification is also not good because it can interfere with the quality of the displayed image.

To avoid this, adjust the gain contained in the booster in the form of a trimmer that can be rotated using a screwdriver to adjust the signal gain.

Those are 7 tips for choosing a good TV antenna. Make sure to always pay attention to the tips above so that you get a TV antenna that matches your TV.