7 Tips for Choosing a Good Fan

There are so many types of fans on the market, from cheap to expensive. With many forms as well as performance, fans have indeed become mandatory items for everyone; home, industry, and many more. However, we often choose the wrong fan; from its shape, performance, comfort, and so on.

So in the following article we will discuss how to choose the right fan.

1. The Fan is Comfortable to See

A fan that is comfortable to see can add to the beauty of the room. For example, if the room you live in is not too wide, you can use a roof or wall fan. Because the fan doesn’t take up too much space.

However, if the room you live in is quite large, you can use a standing fan or a sitting fan, because it can beautify the room and can add to the usefulness of other objects.

2. Fan’s Price

These tips might be used for those who have a high budget. Why is the fan expensive? If the fans are expensive, they usually have high performance and are also durable.

Unlike fans that have low prices, usually, fans that are cheap and have low performance may have to be serviced frequently.

A fan that has a high price may have the following advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages:
    • Stronger wind performance/strength
    • Usually has an elegant and durable shape
    • Made of strong material
  • Disadvantages:
    • Usually, an expensive fan will suck up a lot of electricity
    • The price is also expensive

3. Wide Fan’s Propeller

The wider the propeller used in the fan, the more noticeable the wind will be. But the width of the fan blades will affect the size of the fan.

But if it is only used alone, choosing a fan with medium blades, not too big and not too small is okay.

wide fan
Fan’s propeller

4. Pay Attention to the Neck Handle of the Fan

The fan handle must be considered because if the fan handle is strong, it will not fall. We recommend that you choose a fan that has a thick fan handle.

5. Look For a Fan that is Silent

In choosing a fan, make sure the fan does not have a sound because a fan that has a sound will disturb us to rest.

6. Check the Fan’s Plug

Check the fan’s plug before buying and make sure the fan plug is in sync with the socket in your house. Because if it is not in sync, the fan cannot function.

7. See the Brand

If you want to buy a fan, pay attention to the brand first. If the brand is trusted, then you can buy it. Because the higher the buyer of the product, it means that the product is well known for its quality.

In addition to the seven tips above, here are other tips that must also be considered.

  • – If possible, buy a fan in the shop directly, not in an online shop. Because when we come to the shop directly, we can choose and see first hand the type and shape of the fan according to our wishes and without having to pay postage. But it’s up to each other’s interests.
    – If you buy a wall fan, make sure that the person who installs the fan is experienced, otherwise unwanted things might happen.
    And if you have a small budget as well as a less spacious place, you can use a wall fan because it doesn’t take up much space.

Here are some fan recommendations to consider.

Miyako Standing Fan

standing fan

The Miyako stand fan is a fan that has been around for generations. This fan also has a low budget and saves electricity. This fan can also be raised and lowered in height. With this convenience, Miyako fans won the hearts of the community.

Pros of Miyako Fan Stand Fan:

  • – The price is cheap
    – Wind reaches far enough
    – Low power
    – Easy to find everywhere such as in markets, in stores, in online stores, in malls, etc.
    – Size can be customized

Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1

sekai fan

Sekai is the name of a company that is well known as a maker of household appliances. Sekai does issue a lot of fan products.

But what is well known is the Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1 fan product with a simple but sturdy design because it has a body made of iron and a propeller made of quality aluminum. It can be placed on a table or wall.

Pros of Sekai HFN 1210 High Velocity 2 in 1:

  • – Multifunction
    – Has a strong and sturdy body
    – Has a wind speed regulator
    – The propeller is made of quality aluminum
    – Has an engine heat guard element to maintain engine performance