4 Tips for Choosing a Beard Shaver

Men can also be physically appealing. Shaving the hair around the face, especially around the chin, sometimes known as a beard, is one approach to achieving a tidy and clean appearance.

The removal of hair around the chin cannot be performed haphazardly. It requires an instrument known as a beard shaver. Because it can trim facial hair close to the skin’s surface, a beard shaver becomes an indispensable tool for most adult males.

However, when used improperly, beard shavers can cause skin damage and inflammation. To prevent this, it won’t harm to review the following suggestions for selecting a beard shaver!

1. Know the Types

The first step in choosing a beard shaver is to learn about the different kinds. In general, there are two kinds of beard shavers: manual and electric. Both of these shavers are different in some ways.

A manual beard shaver is a good tool for teens and adults who are just learning how to shave their beards. If the razor on the inside has become dull, it can be replaced. Also, if you use a manual beard shaver, you need to use shaving foam so that you get the best results and don’t irritate your skin.

While the electric shaver is the most popular choice because it is easy to use and doesn’t take long to shave the beard. Electric shavers can be broken down even further into three types:

Foil Shaver

The blade of this shaver is covered by a thin, curved piece of metal foil. So, when you move it up and down, the foil layer will follow the shape of your face, and the razor will come out of the foil layer’s holes. Ideal for people who have sensitive skin.


The head of this beard shaver can be changed depending on how long the beard is. Some men want a beard that is a certain length without having to cut it all off. People who want a short beard but don’t want to shave it all off will love the trimmer.

Rotary Shaver

Rotary shavers are beard trimmers with three or four round-shaped razors. The razor will spin at the bottom of the round head, so it won’t hit the skin of the face directly. Fits men who don’t shave every day and have thick beards.

2. Pay Attention to Resources

These days, most men would rather use an electric beard shaver than a manual one. For electric shavers, the motor inside needs electricity to move.

The battery is one source of this electricity. But some shavers need to be plugged into a power outlet to get electricity.

For beard shavers that run on batteries, there are two types:

Rechargeable Battery

If the power in this type of battery runs out, the battery can be charged again. Shaver’s with rechargeable batteries are usually more expensive, but users no longer have to buy new batteries when the old ones run out. Just charge the battery for a few minutes or until it’s full again, and it’s ready to be used again.

Disposable Battery

As the name suggests, the battery in a beard shaver with a disposable battery needs to be replaced when it runs out. So it makes sense that this beard shaver seems to waste a lot of battery power. Even so, beard shavers with disposable batteries are more useful and easy to carry.

3. Additional Features

Some beard shavers have features like water resistance that sharpen the razor every time it is used. Some beard shavers can also clean the razor by getting rid of the hairs that usually get stuck inside.

Of course, the beard shaver will cost more if it has more features. Make sure to look at the features of the beard shaver you choose to see if it meets your needs.

4. Consider a Waterproof Shaver

Many people don’t clean their beard shavers after they use them. Keeping your beard shaver clean can keep it from rusting or getting broken, especially in the motor and blades. Because of this, it’s best to clean the beard shaver so that the hairs that get stuck between the blades can come out.

How to clean it depends on what kind of shaver was used. Some razors need to be cleaned with a special brush to get rid of fine hairs that get stuck in them. But this method isn’t as good because many fine hairs may still be stuck.

There’s nothing wrong with using a beard shaver that can handle water in this case. You don’t have to worry about breaking this shaver if you clean it under running water. Also, cleaning the Sukut tool with water is a better way to make sure it is cleaner than with a brush.

These are some things you can do before you buy a beard shaver to help you choose the right one. Don’t forget to pay attention to some brands whose products are known for being good. The information above should give you ideas.