The Difference Between Magic Jar, Rice Cooker, and Magic Com

The development of technology and innovation is very fast. It is not uncommon for us to hear rice cookers called magic jars, magic coms, and rice cookers.

When viewed from a glance, the shapes have similarities so that many people have difficulty distinguishing the three cookwares even though all three have different functions and features. To find out what the differences are, here is an explanation.

Magic Jar

The magic jar is a rice cooker that cannot be used to cook rice. The main function of the magic jar is to warm the rice and to keep the temperature of the rice warm. To cook the rice, it is done in a separate place and then put into the magic jar when the rice is ripe and fluffier.

Usually, people will warm the rice for 24 hours because if the rice is in the magic jar too long, the rice will have a soft texture and the part of the rice that sticks to or is on the edge will dry up sticking to the magic jar and form a crust on the magic jar pot.

Nowadays we rarely see magic jars because most people prefer to use a rice cooker that is equipped with a rice warmer so that it is not complicated. Some of the famous magic jar brands are Miyako, Cosmos, Philips, and Panasonic.

Rice Cooker

Judging from its history, the rice cooker was first invented by Yoshida Minami from Japan. In 1937 this tool was first developed by the Japanese army, who at that time was cooking rice using wooden containers and iron plates. Along with the development of the times, a rice cooker was created that has the shape it is today.

A Rice cooker is a cooker that was created to cook rice so that it is able to convert rice into rice within a certain time.

Its main function is just to cook the rice so that after the rice is cooked, it is not possible to warm it up, so the rice inside can only last for a while. Rice cookers can also be used to boil and steam food.

Initially, the rice cooker pot was not coated with a non-stick material so that often a lot of rice was dry and stuck to the sides. With the rapid development of technology, rice cookers already have a feature to warm rice.

Most people today also use rice cookers as rice cookers and rice warmers. When we cook rice using a rice cooker, there is also no need to worry because it is now equipped with an automatic off feature when the rice is cooked and a keep warm feature.

However, for its use, you must also pay attention and check it often so that the rice does not burn. Some of the well-known rice cooker brands are Philips, Miyako, and Panasonic.

Magic Com

Magic com has functions and features that are more sophisticated than magic jars and rice cookers. Because magic com is not only used for cooking and heating rice, but it can also be used for cooking vegetables, boiling water, and steaming.

Magic com has features that are more complete and more modern than magic jars and rice cookers so that magic com is now a favorite item for housewives to save time.

In addition, there are extra features that make it possible to make cakes so that only one cooking item can be fulfilled.

How to Choose a Magic Jar, Rice Cooker, and Magic Com

  • Choose based on quality, make sure the brand chosen is the best brand and has enough features to support your cooking activities. The more functions offered, the better, price is also one of the main considerations.
  • Equipped with a non-stick pan, in choosing the product make sure that the material is good so that it can guarantee the cooking process and warm the rice so that the rice does not stick and become a crust in the pan/inner pot. Types of cooking pots with good quality will help speed up the ripening of rice and cause the rice not to burn easily.
  • Pay attention to the required power consumption, be sure to check the power consumption of the magic jar, rice cooker, and magic com. It’s best to choose items that save electricity so that your monthly bill doesn’t soar just because of the rice cooker you bought.
  • Choose items with a guaranteed warranty, this is one of the most important things in buying any item. Warranty functions to cause damage due to production errors so that we can ask to be repaired or exchanged for new ones. Usually, well-known brands must have a genuine and guaranteed warranty.