The Car’s Speedometer Broken: Causes and How to Fix it

Speedometer is a tool that can show the speed of a vehicle in terms of kilometers per hour when driving. This tool must be found in all types of motorized vehicles, including the cars in them.

This part of the car is one of the crucial and one of the determining factors for safety when driving. The speedometer function is also certainly very influential on the safety of both the driver, passengers, and other road users.

Therefore, it must be in very good condition in order to stay in top shape and function properly while showing speed. You also need to pay attention when buying a used car so you don’t need expensive repairs.

But not infrequently we also find conditions where the speedometer turns off suddenly, the first thing we need to know when this condition occurs is what are the causes. Generally the cause is almost the same in every types of car.

Causes of the Car’s Speedometer Broken

1. Electricity System

Problems with the system are sometimes unavoidable, especially in this case. The speed indicator on the dashboard is closely related to the electrical system in the car.

If the power goes out or is cut off, the speedometer will automatically stop showing the speed of a moving car. At this point there can be two possibilities, namely the first, the speed figure will fade slowly or the second possibility is to die completely.

Both conditions have the same level of danger, which can threaten safety.

If this problem is the cause, we really have nothing to worry about and the first thing to do and hope for is to calm down but stay alert. After that you just have to check the cables that are connected directly to the speedometer.

However, it is very important to remember that this should be done by a professional so that all problems and damage to the electrical system can be resolved properly and thoroughly.

2. The Broken Panels

If after checking the electrical system, but no significant problems are found and the speedometer does not run either, then the speedometer panel is the next part that must be checked. This is because damage often occurs in this area.

Just one error panel, it will affect all existing system and panel indicators. Currently we are benefited by technology that is very advanced so, there is no need to check it manually.

You can use a scan tool that will immediately detect damage to certain panels. But if you already know it, repair is not the best way, because this cannot be done haphazardly. The recommended solution is to replace it entirely.

3. The Speedometer Sensory System

Every car must have been equipped with a speed sensor or vehicle speed sensor which is generally located on the transmission. Because you could say this component plays an important role in detecting how fast the speed of a vehicle is, then this part automatically becomes very crucial and fatal if it is damaged or has the slightest error.

Many factors can cause damage to the speedometer sensor, such as socket problems, Gear Transducer, and so on.

In addition to affecting the speed of the speedometer, damage to the sensor will have an impact on other parts, such as the check engine light that won’t turn on either. So make sure whether the problem is with the sensor or not.

How to Fix the Broken Speedometer

Based on the three main factors that cause damage to the speedometer, we will definitely know that this problem cannot be underestimated, and for handling it will be different and require special expertise.

Here are things that can be the first solution and do when facing this dangerous condition:

1. Checking the Fuse

Please note that there is a fuse connected directly to the speedometer. If it is true that this part is damaged or problematic, then immediately replace it with a new one.

It should also be noted to pay attention to the type of fuse, because usually every car will be different. Replacement of the fuse must also be done carefully because of its relatively small size.

2. The Performance of the Battery System

The battery as a reservoir and electrical connector is a very important factor in determining whether the speedometer is on or not. As has been explained that shorting becomes one of the fatal problems in this case.

Therefore, whether or not the system is shorted in a machine also depends on the performance and performance of the battery. The first thing to solve this problem is to try to charge the battery, maybe the problem is the battery is drained.

If this has been done but the battery still does not accommodate power, then there is no other way but to replace it with a new one.

3. Maintenance

Carrying out routine maintenance or service can also be the answer to the problem of a dead speedometer. This solution can avoid and solve problems before the damage has already occurred.

This can be done by visiting a service center that already exists in the area where you live.

4. Replace the Battery

If the overall check has been carried out and arrived at the final result that the damage is on the speedometer itself, then the last resort that can be done is to replace it with a new one.

Another suggestion is to replace the speedometer as a whole because, usually from an economical point of view, the price of a package of this tool will be cheaper or affordable compared to just replacing it in one part.

Speedometer plays an important role and does not play in a vehicle. The safety factor also depends on this. therefore, if this part was in a dead state, then it couldn’t be taken lightly at all.

Because, it is not uncommon for the driver to be unaware of the speed of the vehicle he is carrying. Usually this happens if the road is empty, but it is also possible due to other factors.

Therefore we need a speedometer as a tool that can control how fast and at the same time how we drive.