6 Steps on How to Use Blender Properly and Correctly

Almost all people are familiar with a tool that is called a blender. This tool is available to provide convenience in processing food and drink ingredients, such as making juices, grinding food spices, grinding meats, making smoothies, and others.

Even so, many people are still troubled when using a blender. Do not worry, this time will be explained about how to use a blender properly and correctly as well as other several tips. Here are the explanations:

1. Prepare The Blender


The first step that must be done is preparing the blender. Usually, a blender is equipped with support components, which are a blender machine, glass or blender tube, blender lid, and mixing spoon. Make sure every component of the blender is available and of course functioned well.

One of the methods to know if the blender can function properly is by filling water sufficiently into the blender tube. Do not forget to connect the blender machine to the power source.

Close the blender by using the lid and place it on top of the blender machine then turn it on. The blender can be said to work properly if the blade inside is rotating. Turn off the machine then discard the water on the glass and the blender is ready to use.

2. Prepare The Ingredients

After the blender is ready, the next step that must be done is preparing the ingredients that will be grounded using the blender.

For example, if you want to make juice from fruit or vegetables, make sure to wash them first until clean. After washing with clean water, the next step is cutting all the fruits or vegetables becomes small pieces.

The purpose of cutting this fruit and vegetable is to make the process of grinding the ingredients becomes easier and faster because the blade on the blender works optimally.

If you do not cut the ingredients, the blender blade will be difficult when grinding even it can damage the blade and the blender machine.

If all ingredients have been cut into small pieces, the next step is to put those ingredients into the blender tube. Do not forget to add liquid ingredients, such as water, milk, and others.

The amount of liquid ingredients that is added depends on the number of ingredients or adjust it with the desired level of thickness. The addition of these liquid ingredients is intended to make the ingredients easy to grind by the blender blade.

3. Close The Blender When Operating It

After all the ingredients are added into the blender tube, the next step is to close the blender using the lid. Even though it seems easy, actually many people are still neglectful by not put the lid on the blender.

Many people give excuses that it will become difficult if they have to add certain ingredients in the middle of the grinding process using a blender.

Even though that can still be done when the blender is closed. If you looked through, each blender lid is equipped with a small hole.

Not only as a hole for the entrance of the mixing spoon, that hole is also can be used for adding other food ingredients without opening the blender lid.

Besides, the function of the blender lid is to prevent food ingredients splashed out during the grinding process.

Even though it is already closed, sometimes the rotation and vibration from the blender machine that is too strong also can detach the blender lid from the tube. For that, better hold the blender lid using your palm so that it will not be detached during the blender operation.

4. Don’t Forget to Put The Mixing Spoon

Every blender usually is equipped with a mixing spoon that installed on the blender lid. This spoon is made from plastic material but quite hard.

Sometimes, the blender machine has a hard time when grinding ingredients that get stuck on the blades. The function of this mixing spoon is to help the mixing process during the grinding process.

It needs to be noted if the mixing spoon is only intended for soft-textured ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables with a liquid as the end result, such as juices, smoothies, purees, and others.

5. Turn On The Blender

button to adjust the blender speed

The next step is to turn on the blender. Before turning it on, make sure that the blender machine has connected to the power source. Generally, the blender machine has several speed buttons that can be selected as needed.

The low-speed button is used for slightly hard ingredients with a result that is a bit rough. Whereas the high-speed button usually is used for liquid ingredients and to gain very smooth results.

However, also needed to know that several blender brands are equipped with safety systems, such as machines that will not turn on if the installation of the tube to the blender machine is not done correctly.

6. Turn Off The Machine and Pour Its Contents

After you feel that the ingredients have been mixed and turned smoother, immediately turn off the blender machine by pressing the available button. The next step is to open the blender lid and pour its content into a glass or other clean containers.

Several ingredients are sometimes overly thick and often stick in the bottom part of the blender, especially on the bottom part of the blade. To take it, use the mixing spoon so that the remaining food ingredients can be taken easily.

Those are the steps on how to use a blender properly and correctly. Do not forget to immediately wash the blender after using it so that the blender blade does not get rusted and damaged.

Washing the blender tube is also quite easy. Just need to fill it with water as much as approximately one glass and add several drops of dish soap. Close and install it to the blender machine and turn it on.

After done, turn off and rinse the blender tube using clean water. Washing blender must be done carefully, so there are no remaining that sticking. For some other parts, such as the lid and mixing spoon, just need to clean it using a cleansing sponge.

Also, know various blender problems so you can solve them if they occur. Buy a blender with the best quality so that it will be durable when used.