Smoke comes out from Blender: Causes and How to Fix it

A blender is an electronic cookware that is often found in the kitchen as a place to grind food ingredients. In addition to making activities practical and easy, it can also pose risks such as sparks.

The risk is thought to have occurred because the blender was not in good condition or was damaged

This damage can occur for various reasons, but to respond to these problems you also need to understand that there are many kinds damage of blender that often occur. One of them is a smoke comes out from blender.

Causes of Blender emitting Smoke

The release of smoke from electronic products such as blenders also indicates a problem with the blender engine. The following are the causes of the blender emitting smoke:

1. Leaking Blender Container

This blender container or known as Polycarbonate Container serves as a place to store food ingredients when the blender is operated. However, due to cracks on the surface of the base, the blender container is leaking

A leaky blender receptacle can cause smoke to escape from the blender. This happens because when a hot iron is given water or drops of water, smoke will definitely come out.

2. Broken Blender Dynamo

Dynamo problems can be indicated by the appearance of smoke when the blender is used but does not place the container on it. If that’s the case, it’s clear that the smoke came from the dynamo malfunction in the blender. The dynamo is usually located inside the blender.

3. The Switch Burned

The location of the smoke can also determine where the parts are not in good condition. If you find smoke coming out around this blender switch, it indicates that the switch is burning due to liquids or spices or juices while in use.

The switch itself is one of the important parts of the blender that functions to turn on or turn off the blender and is usually located in front of the tray of the blender.

4. Not Maintain the Blender Properly

The most common cause of smoke coming out of a blender is not properly maintain the blender. If you think blender cleaning tips only on the outside without having to disassemble it is a mistake.

Because there are various dust and food residues that accumulate and stick to the inside, causing damage to the blenders part.

How to Fix Blender Emitting Smoke

In order to deal with the damage to the blender, it is important for you to first identify the cause of the damage.

After you know the cause of the blender emitting smoke, then you can determine how to overcome it. Here’s how to deal with the smoke coming out of the blender along with an explanation:

1. Stop Using it

The first time you find out that there is smoke around the blender or other electronic device, it is advisable to stop using the product first. This is done so as not to trigger events or damage more severe than before.

The step to stop the blender in this state is to gradually reduce the speed of the blender and allow the blender to cool after use. Then check if there is a problem in the blender section.

2. Take it to the Electronic Stuff Repairer

The most common way to solve when a blender has a problem is to take it to an electronics service center. This step is considered the safest to overcome these obstacles, because it can be directly handled by experts and experienced so as to reduce the level of damage is more severe than before.

3. Change the Container of the Blender

If the cause of the smoky blender is because the blender container is leaking. The way to solve this problem is to replace the old blender container with a new blender container so you don’t have to go to an electronic service center.

The blender container itself can be purchased at a service store, online shop or at the shop where you bought a blender but still make sure that the container matches the type of blender machine you have.

4. Change the Dynamo of the Blender

If you know that the dynamo blender is the cause of the smoke. Try to replace the old blender dynamo with a new dynamo. After that, try to check again whether the smoke still appears and whether the blender machine has been running without problems. If no more problems are found, the blender is ready to be used again.

5. Change the Switch of the Blender

If you know the cause of this smoke comes from the burnt area of the blender switch, then the way to fix it is to replace the old blender switch with a new blender switch.

Because the old switch has been damaged and can no longer operate properly. Switch blenders can be purchased at service stores, online stores or at the store where you purchased the blender.

6. Maintain the Blender Properly

Some of you may think that taking care of the blender is done by cleaning the outside only, even though sometimes the inside of the blender also needs to be disassembled so that it can be cleaned as well.

Knowing how to properly care for a blender will be able to overcome problems that may arise in the future, such as smoke in the blender.