5 Signs of a Broken Fridge Thermostat

A refrigerator has many parts; one of the most important is the thermostat.

The refrigerator’s thermostat works like an automatic button or ON/OFF switch for the compressor engine. It does this based on the desired temperature.

In other words, the thermostat is a part of the refrigerator that works with the temperature sensor in the freezer box to control how well the compressor works.

Technicians often call the thermostat an automatic refrigerator machine because it can work on its own to keep the temperature of the fridge stable.

The thermostat works with the help of a sensor and a gas that changes when it gets hot or cold. If the sensor’s temperature is low, the gas will have less pressure.

So, if the thermostat is broken, the temperature in the fridge might not cool or, on the other hand, it might get too cold. Then, what are some signs that the thermostat on your refrigerator is broken?

1. Fridge Doesn’t Feel Cold

The temperature inside the fridge is not cold, which is the first sign that the thermostat is broken. Please pay attention to whether the fridge’s thermostat is connected directly to a timer or a button that controls the temperature inside the fridge.

If there is a problem with the thermostat, the temperature inside the fridge won’t go down. Even though the fridge has been turned on for a long time and the temperature button has been set to the lowest level for a long time.

2. Compressor Keeps On

Not only is a constantly running compressor a sign of a broken refrigerator timer, but it’s also a sign that the thermostat has been broken. The refrigerator’s compressor has a part that drains the freon gas from the cooling capillary pipe.

Under normal circumstances, the compressor will turn on when the temperature inside the refrigerator rises or gets too hot. It will turn off when the temperature inside the refrigerator has cooled or reached the desired temperature.

If there are problems with the compressor, especially with the button, it can keep working. If the fridge compressor is not checked, it can break down quickly.

3. Compressor Off

The compressor also won’t turn on or off, which is another sign that the thermostat is broken. As already said, the thermostat is essential to keeping the fridge at the right temperature.

Just that if the temperature inside the fridge is too high or too hot, the compressor won’t turn on or work to cool it down. Because of this, the temperature in the fridge is not as cold as it should be, which can hurt the food in the fridge.

4. Frost in the Freezer

Most new refrigerators and freezers have a defrost setting that runs every 7 hours and can remove or clean frost automatically.

The thermostat also has a lot to do with whether or not there is ice in the refrigerator. Under normal circumstances, the switch on the thermostat will open when the freezer has reached a low temperature or when the temperature setting calls for it to do so.

But frost in the freezer could be caused by a thermostat switch that can’t be opened when the temperature in the refrigerator has dropped.

5. Rusty Thermostat

The thermostat can rust, and if left unchecked, the thermostat can be damaged. Rust on the thermostat can occur when turning off the refrigerator when it is cold.

As a result, there is an increase in humidity, so the thermostat rusts. In about 65% of cases, the thermostat is damaged due to rust.

Those were some characteristics of a broken refrigerator thermostat that refrigerator owners should know. Therefore, you should routinely carry out refrigerator maintenance every month to maintain the condition of the refrigerator so that it continues to work correctly.