5 Ways to Sharpen a Dull Knife Correctly

Knife is one of the cooking utensils that is useful for cutting, peeling, dicing, or slicing food ingredients. With a knife, all food ingredients can be cut properly.

There are many types of kitchen knives, there are even types of Japanese knives. Each type has a different shape from one another. The differences in the shape and size of the blades affect the function and also the level of the blade sharpness.

A sharp knife makes it easy to cut everything from vegetables to meat. A knife that is dull or not sharp will make it difficult for you to cut food ingredients such as meat.

Generally, when the knife starts to dull, people will sharpen it so that it can be used again. You will find a wide variety of whetstones that are commonly used to make sharp knives again. These whetstones are widely sold in the market.


However, for those of you who have trouble finding a whetstone, you can use items or objects that have the same function as whetstones. These objects are widely sold in the market at quite affordable prices.

Here are some ways you can sharpen a knife:

1. Rubbing the Knife with Another Knife

The first way you can do to sharpen your knife is to rub it with another knife. This method is the easiest way you can do and does not require objects that are difficult to find.

Of course, you often see some chefs doing this when they feel that the knife used is dull. All you have to do is hold the knife that will be sharpened in your left hand and the knife that will serve as a sharpener in your right hand.

You can choose which part of the knife to sharpen and start rubbing it for a while until the knife is sharp again.

2. Sharpening Using Stone

Another object that can be used to sharpen your knife is a stone. You can use various types of stones to sharpen knives, especially river stones. Stones that you can use for sharpening are stones that have a smooth and flat surface.

This is because the river stone with a hard texture and smooth surface is able to sharpen knives quickly and produce good sharpening. For those of you who cannot find river stones, you can use other types of stones that have a smooth and flat surface.

You can look for stones in the garden area or other areas that have stones. The method used to sharpen the stone is the same as when you sharpened it with a knife. You need to rub the knife against the rock until the surface of the knife becomes sharp again.

3. Sharpening Using Ceramics

You can use a cup or other ceramic item to sharpen a knife. Items made of ceramic are effective enough to make knives sharp again. The part that you can use to sharpen the knife is the part that is unpainted or uncoated.

However, those of you who are going to hone using ceramics need to pay attention to several things such as the slipperiness of the ceramic. As you know, ceramics have a sharp surface that often makes the knife slip and can injure the hand.

You must pay attention to the correct position and method to sharpen the knife so as not to injure your hand.

4. Sharpening Using Concrete Tiles

Sharpening using concrete tiles has the same method as using a whetstone. This method is a fairly effective one that you can apply to sharpen knives.

For those of you who will sharpen knives using concrete tiles, make sure that the concrete is clean. Clean concrete will certainly be safe when used for sharpening knives. If the concrete you are going to use has dirt, it can be cleaned before using.

5. Sharpening Using Sandpaper


Sandpaper is a well-known material for cleaning and making objects sharper. You can use sandpaper to sharpen the knife to make it sharper.

Sandpaper is widely sold in the market at quite affordable prices. For those of you who are going to buy sandpaper, make sure to buy sandpaper that has a rough texture that is close to the whetstone. This will allow the sandpaper to be used over and over again.

One of the advantage of using sandpaper to sharpen a knife is that it is practical and easy to get. You can bring sandpaper when you are camping or doing outdoors activity without having to carry a heavy whetstone.

You can apply some of the methods above when your knife is dull and not sharp enough to cut meat or vegetables. Make sure to choose materials that are suitable and also easy to use. You can also choose items that are practical and easy to carry.