Sewing Machine Needles Broken: Causes and How To Fix It

A sewing machine is one of the many basic components needed to meet the needs of clothing, namely clothing. There are several types of sewing machine on the market.

But just like the machine in general, there will be some problems of sewing machine or dysfunction which is common. One example is sewing needles that break too often, even before their normal time to replace them.

Though the needle is one of the types of sewing equipment and the most important part of sewing machine. This is actually a natural thing to happen, but it will still cause a new obstacle in a job.

To fix this, many people still do not understand the cause. In fact, this is a basic knowledge that must be possessed so as not to experience harmful things in the future. But there is no need to worry because here we will discuss it in more detail.

The Causes that the Sewing Machine Needles often Broken

Under normal circumstances, usually a needle can be used for approximately two weeks. If less than this time period, there are several things that must be considered, namely:

1. The Quality of the Needles

This problem is often underestimated by people, but in fact, quality is a determining factor in how often a sewing needle breaks.

2. The Attachment Method

The attachment position is also a crucial factor in whether or not a needle is broken. Attachment that is often wrong is too low so, it will rub directly against the hook and as a result it will break.

3. The Upside Down of the Positioning

The next mistake is how to attach the needle wrong or upside down. During the attachment process, make sure that it is located correctly, that is, the part or side that has a hollow, we must place it on the right.

4. The Size of the Needles

We need to know, the needle does not only consist of one size only. The number of sizes will affect the material or type of fabric that we will use on the sewing machine.

The usual size used is needle 14 which has flexible properties. But it should also be noted that, the thicker the cloth to be used, the larger the needle used and the shorter the period of time offered.

5. The Needle’s Tip is Blunt

A normal needle, where the condition is still sharp will give us a long service life (approximately two weeks). However, if the condition of the needle is blunt and is forced to continue operating, it will eventually break.

The condition of the blunt needle on the sewing machine will also affect the result. So the most appropriate solution to this problem is to replace the needle with a new and still sharp needle.

6. Sewing Capability

If the problem that we discussed earlier is an external factor or from the machine and the needle itself, then the next problem comes from within oneself. How skilled we are in sewing is at stake here.

Usually, ordinary people or beginners have hands that are still stiff and the ability to install needles on sewing machines is still low. Therefore we must learn continuously.

7. Timing

The term timing is meant here is a sewing machine that moves will definitely have a rhythm. Often the problem is that we can’t find the right timing, so the needle and the rotary hook collide. This is one of the factors for the broken needle on the sewing machine.

How to Fix Sewing Machine Needles that Often Break

After knowing a few of the many reasons why needles on sewing machines often break, now is the time to discuss what or how to fix it. Here’s the solution:

1. Replace the Needles

The first and best solution that can be done is to replace the needle with a new one.

Replacing what is meant here is being able to replace with the same needle but with better quality or being able to change the needle size according to the thickness of the fabric used.

Replacement of a needle should still be done even if it has not broken, such as when the period of use has expired and become dull.

2. Adjust the Position of the Needles

As already discussed, the needle position on the sewing machine can be wrong (upside down, not fitting, and so on).

If this happens, the thing that must be done is to replace or correct the position of the needle before it breaks, if it is already broken then return to the first solution, which is to replace the needle with a new one.

3. Adjust the Rotary of the Needles

Rotary is a part that moves in a circular way and is located under the sewing machine plate. Here there is a place to put the thread spool which will be used for sewing.

If the placement or rotary setting is not appropriate, it will also affect the needle. In this case the needle and the rotary will collide or rub against each other which will eventually break the needle too.

4. Improve the Capability to Sew

The next solution can be done by first increasing the sewing ability you have. A broken needle can also be caused by an inability to operate the machine properly.

These are the solutions that can be offered and become a guide in overcoming obstacles in sewing machines.

Factors that occur when needles are often broken are not only due to machine problems, but can also be due to negligence in placing the needle or due to inadequate capabilities.

We recommend that you first pay attention to the cause so that we can avoid it easily and don’t experience obstacles.

So from now on stop doing things that can cause needles on the sewing machine to break often and start doing the right thing.