20 Rock Climbing Equipment and Their Functions

Rock climbing is a sports activity that relies on solid equipment and special technique. The equipment that is needed to do rock climbing is varied depending on the field and technique.

Here is the list of 20 rock climbing equipment and their functions.

1. Kernmantle Rope

kernmantle rope

This rope is very important as it will hold your body while climbing. Kernmantle Rope is divided into three types:

  • Static Rope with the flexibility rate at 10% to 15%. Commonly used in 10,5mm. This rope can be used to rappelling yourself down.
  • Dynamic Rope has the flexibility rate up to 30%. Dynamic Rope has a very high power so it is usually used to climbing.
  • Semi-static ropes have a rate of flexibility between static and dynamic ropes, which is around 20%. Semi-static ropes are also commonly used for rappelling or climbing. And commonly used for rescue missions by the authorities.

2. Harness


The harness can be used to connect the rope with your body. The harness has 3 shapes, a seat harness, a chest harness, and a full-body harness.

3. Carabiner


The carabiner is a safety metal lock that connects the rope to other equipment.

4. Ascender


Ascender is a tool to help the climber climb the rope. Ascender will lock automatically when there is a load and loose when lifted.

5. Descender


Descender can be used to lower the rope. This tool can also be used so the climber will not freefall when an accident happens.

6. Webbing


Webbing is a rope made from nylon that has a flat shape like tape. Webbing can be used to bind our body and can also be used as a harness.

7. Piton


Piton is a nail specifically made for cliffs and is usually used in rock climbing. It is divided into two types, angle, and blade.

Angle piton is a flat shape to be used in the narrow gap while the blade is used in the wider gap.

8. Hammer


As the name suggests, it is used to hammer the piton nail.

9. Chock and Friend

chick and friend

Chock is a safety device that you can insert into a rock gap so that it can withstand the user’s weight from a fall.

Chock has many shapes like symmetrical, hexagon, and one that is shaped like a bird beak. Friend is a tool that can be used as a hook between rope and carabiner.

10. Chalk Bag

chalk ban

As the name implied, it used to store magnesium. Magnesium can be used to dry the climber’s hand from sweat.

11. Sling


A sling is a tool that functions for runners, backups, or as part of other security. Slings are divided into two types, namely prusik slings and webbing slings, both of which have different lengths.

12. Belay Device

belay device

The belay device acts as a safety tool for climbers from falling.

13. Quickdraw/runner


Quickdraw or runner is a tool that comes from a combination of prusik and two carabiners. This quickdraw is usually used to connect chocks, friends, tricams, bolts, or pitons with kernmantle straps.

14. Edge Roller

edge roller

An edge roller is a rope protector that is made to prevent friction between the rope and the angle of the corner of the cliff, stone walls, and others.

15. Padding


Padding is a tool made from tarpaulin, canvas, mattress, and thick rubber that has the durability to friction. This can be used to protect the rope from the friction of sharp objects such as the friction with cliff corners, walls, and many other.

16. Cliff Climbing Shoes

cloff climbing shoes

These a specialized made shoes that have more powerful grip to help the climber.

17. Helm


Helm is a safety tool that protects our heads from falling debris or falling damage.

In addition, climbing helmets are also useful in artificial wall environments such as indoor climbing walls.

18. Gloves


Gloves can be used to protect your hand while the climber rappelling down, it will protect your hand from the friction between your palm with your safety gear.

19. Autostop


Autostop is a descender that has an automatic brake. The brake will be turned on automatically if the handle is released.

This tool can also be used as a belay device that can help the victim from the heights or can also be used to ascending with the combination of the ascender tools.

20. Rigger Plate

rigger plate

A rigger plate is a plate that has a function as a connector plate from the anchor point to the track because in some cases it takes several passes in one fixed anchor point.

This tool has a design consisting of a plate with several holes, which can be occupied by more than 2 safety tools.

Those are 20 pieces of rock climbing equipment that you need to know. These tools will obviously help your safety while climbing.