6 Reasons Your Motorcycle Dies While Riding and Solutions

There are various kinds of motorbike damages, one of them is when it suddenly dies. Motorcycles that die suddenly are often experienced by motorcyclists.

There are several factors that cause the motor to die suddenly. The cause that often happens is the motor runs out of gas. Another factor could also be because the spark plugs are wet due to rain.

Maybe because you don’t see the gasoline indicator or even the fuel indicator is broken so the driver can run out of gas.

Then, if you are driving through the rain on a motorbike and your motorbike suddenly dies, you can be sure that the cause of your motorbike dying is a wet spark plug.

If the spark plug is wet, ignition of the combustion chamber cannot be done because the spark plug cannot create a spark.

An overheated motor can also be the cause of the motorcycle death. This can occur due to continuous non-stop use of the motor or faulty cooling conditions. This causes the temperature to rise and makes the lubricating oil dry which results in the piston being stuck later because there is no lubricant.

To find out more about the causes of the sudden death of the motorcycle, you can see the full article below regarding some of the causes of the sudden death of motorcycle.

1. Motorcycle Runs Out of Gas While Driving

The cause that most often occurs and is experienced by many people is running out of gas on the road. Because gasoline is the main fuel to be able to make the engine run.

If the fuel runs out, of course the motorcycle cannot be used. To fix this you need to fill your motorbike with gasoline so that you can use it again.

Make sure before traveling you check the gas level in the fuel tank by looking at the fuel indicator. If the indicator shows or approaches E, then you need to refuel the motor.

2. Blocked Gasoline

The second reason your motors suddenly dies is a clogged fuel line. Usually the gas line is clogged due to dirt in the fuel filter so that fuel cannot be channeled into the combustion chamber.

You need to check the fuel filter in the fuel tank. If it is dirty, you need to clean it or even replace it with a new filter to make it last longer.

3. Spark Plug Off

The next cause is a dead spark plug. There are several reasons why spark plugs can die, namely problems with spark plug wires, lifetime of spark plugs that have run out, dirty spark plugs and wet spark plugs. The spark plug wire may come loose or break so that the spark plug cannot spark.

Because the motor can run because of the sparks that make an explosion in the combustion chamber so that the piston moves until it is channeled to the motor wheel.

Lifetime spark plugs that have run out can also occur. Make sure you change the spark plugs every 25,000 km, or according to the manual you have. For dirty spark plugs you need to clean them first. You can use the pulp to remove the crust that usually appears on the spark plug eye.

While alkaline spark plugs can occur due to rain or because the motor has been washed. To fix this you need to open the spark plug then dry it and put it back.

4. Engine Overheated

An overheated engine can cause the motor to stop suddenly. There are several causes of engine overheating, namely a cooling system that does not work properly and a leaking or clogged lubrication system.

A dead cooling fan or a leaking radiator is one factor that causes cooling system not working optimally. To fix this, you need to check which motor component is the problem and then fix it immediately.

A leaky or clogged lubrication system also makes the engine overheat. Usually there is a leak in the cylinder head, either due to loose bolts or damaged gaskets.

If this happens, you need to tighten it and replace a new gasket if needed.

5. Inappropriate Use of Fuel

Generally, each motorized vehicle engine has its own specifications for the use of fuel. Usually the fuel used is at least 90 or 92 octane.

If it’s below that, it’s likely that the lead will come off and cause the valve to clog so that the motor shuts down suddenly. Make sure you use a fuel that matches the specifications of your motorcycle.

6. Less Maintenance of Motorcycle

The ways to maintain a motorbike is the most important thing. You are required to do service after 10,000 km or according to the manual book. Motors that rarely carry out maintenance can one day die suddenly because the parts inside the engine have worn out so they can’t make the engine start.

Perform routine service on your motorcycle. Usually the technician will provide an overview and information on which parts have worn out and need to be replaced. That way, you can avoid the engine that suddenly dies.

These are some of the most common causes of sudden engine failure while driving. There are various types of motorbikes, maybe the causes and how to overcome them are different for each type.

Make sure you always pay attention to your motorcycle before using it so you don’t have to worry about it later. Caring for and maintaining the motorcycle will certainly make it durable, last longer, and ready to be used at any time.