14 Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Not Cooling and the Solutions

In modern life nowadays, refrigerator has become inseparable in peoples life. Either directly or indirectly, in our daily activities involving the refrigerator. For personal usage, commercials, even medical purposes to store blood, vaccine, even medicines.

Technical issues in a refrigerator must immediately be solved considering the importance use in our life. One of the problem commonly find is the refrigerator is not cooling properly when in use.

In this article, we will explain main factors for the refrigerator is not cooling and the problem solving.

1. Stacked Frost Freezer

If a refrigerator has been used in a long term, it will absorb waters from the air each time the door is opened. Sooner or later it will causing stacked frost ice which can clogged the ventilation system that works as a cooling part in the refrigerator.

The solution is very simple, shut down your refrigerator, it will give some time to defrost. afterwards you can dispose the water reserved in the the bottom container of the refrigerator.

2. Stored Hot Temperature Foods Inside the Refrigerator

If you store your food while the temperature is still hot, the hot air shall flow mixed inside your refrigerator, this condition will force the refrigerator to work extra more in cooling the air.

If you let this condition to continue, it may caused damages on the compressor and eventually shorten the compressor’s life usage. Make sure you have your food temperature low first before have it stored in the refrigerator.

3. Low Refrigerant Gas Level

In order to be able to cooling, a refrigerator compressed the air inside using a refrigerant commonly called as coolant. If this gas is empty, it will failed the cooling cycle.

If the grill on the rear side of your refrigerator is not in a hot condition, meaning it runs out of coolant. The solution for this is better your called up a technician to refill it with the coolant needed.

4. Placed Near in an Equipment that Produced a Hot Airflow

If you place the refrigerator near an equipment that produces a hot airflow, such as a stove, oven, magic com, toaster, et cetera, huge probability that your refrigerator may not cooling enough, to cool down the air temperature inside.

For a refrigerator able cooling by compressing the air surrounding. If it surrounded by a hot airflow, the compressor will work extra or even may damaged later on. Therefor, make sure you placed your refrigerator away from any equipment that produce a hot airflow.

5. Refrigerator Door not Closed Properly

When you frequently open and close your refrigerator, it may lead to the door not seal damaged. In this condition, the cooled air will flow out of the refrigerator. If you are facing this problem, called up a technician to fix it.

6. Dirty Condenser Coil

Condenser coil works to dispose excessive heat, it may not working properly if this part is clogged by dirt or dust, and causing the refrigerator not cooling.

To prevent this, keep clean and tidy the surrounding area from dust and excessive dirt. Clean thoroughly you refrigerator at least in once a year to prolong its life usage.

7. Cut off Power Supply Cable

Other thing that you should check is the power supply cable. As the sign of the cut off cable is the compressor is not running. Replace the damaged cable, you can have it reconnected with the new one using electrical tape, or simply just buy the cable power.

8. Check the Fuse

A refrigerator is also equipped with a fuse to cut of the current when its overloaded. A fuse consist of a bimetal that can cut when the running current is too large than its capacity. when this fuse already burnt out, you just need to replaced it the new one. By then you can have your refrigerator works properly again.

9. Check the Thermostat

Thermostat is a component that automatically timed to help your refrigerator in a standby mode when already reached a certain cool temperature.

You can check either this part is still functioning well or not by using a multimeter. Replaced the thermostat when its already damaged.

10. The Compressor is Weakening

A compressor is a vital component in the cooling cycle. It has the function to compressed the air and cooled using the coolant. When a refrigerator’s issue caused by the compressor, you need to have it replaced by the technician as the solution.

11. Leaking Evaporator Component

This condition usually caused by accidental punctuation of a sharp object. the solution for this you can have it replaced with the evaporator.

12. Foods Positioned Covering the Vent System

Rarely to happen, but you need to take a look whether you placed the foods or other things covering the vent system or not.

It may happen when a large object placed covering the vent system and clogging the cool air flowing inside your refrigerator unit. As the solution for this, you can have that large object slightly to the other side.

13. Uneven Levelling Ground Base

Often users ignored the ground base when placing their refrigerator. But it turns out may causing the refrigerator not cooling enough. Use a water compass to ensure the ground base where you will place the refrigerator is levelled evenly so it will ascertain that the refrigerator door closed properly.

14. Not Enough Space

A refrigerator also requires a wide space enough to sucked the surrounding air. Therefore avoid stationed your refrigerator in a narrowed area. Before the installation, make sure your read the instructions first hand.

There are some problems with the refrigerator more and may connected to not cooling issue. Since there are plenty of refrigerators type, so the problem solving may differ from one to another.