5 Reasons Bicycle Pedal Feels Heavy and How to Overcome It

There are many types of bicycle damage, one of them is a bicycle pedal that feels heavy. There are several reasons why pedaling a bicycle feels heavy. It could be because of a rusty chain, or a stuck wheel, and various other causes.

Of course, these causes can be overcome in several ways. Most of the time, the cause of this problem can be managed by yourself.

But if it’s not possible to fix it yourself, getting it repaired at a bicycle service center is the right choice.

To find out more about some of the causes of heavy bicycle pedaling, you can see some of the causes below:

1. Rusty Chain

The chain is an important component of the bicycles. Rust on the chain causes the rotation that occurs between the gears and the chain to get heavier so that the pedaling will also feel heavy.

Corroded chains are caused by lack of maintenance and also because of the age of worn chains. To fix this, you need to provide lubricant on the chain so that the motion of the chain is wider and also more durable.

If the chain already has severe rust, changing the chain is the right solution. We recommend that after you clean your bike from dirt and dust.

Carry out chain maintenance by lubricating at least twice a week to avoid rust from growing and also maintaining bicycle gears.

Apart from rusty chain, you should also pay attention to the cause of the loose bicycle chain, which can also cause heavy pedaling.

2. Less Tire Pressure

The second reason why pedaling a bicycle feels heavy is insufficient tire pressure. Insufficient tire pressure cannot carry the bike and the rider well.

Tires will be much more compressed so that the impact on the pedal feels heavy. What’s more, if you cross a damaged or potholed road, it will make the tires more depressed and the pedaling is also heavier.

If this is left unchecked, the rims of your bicycle will be damaged quickly, because it is not the tires that are the support, but the rims.

To fix this, you only need to inflate your bicycle tires according to the standard pressure. If the air pressure in the tire is too high, the tire will not wear out.

The center of the tire will wear out more quickly, which causes less handling of the bike. You should pay attention to this before you start cycling.

3. Gear Setting

The third cause is gear adjustment. Generally, these gears are used to maximize the use of energy according to the terrain to be traversed.

For example, if the terrain you are going through is uphill, you need to change to a low gear. This will make it easier and lighter for you to cross the incline.

But if on the contrary, you should use a high gear so that the speed can increase and also you will not get tired of pedaling a bicycle.

If the gear setting is wrong, of course the pedals you do will feel heavy. Therefore, paying attention to the terrain and settings is very necessary when driving.

Remember, if the road is uphill use a low gear, and if the road is straight or downhill use a high gear.

Generally, now all bicycles have a shifter to adjust the gear that will be used. There are bicycles that have two shifters to adjust the front and rear gears.

But the most common is the rear gear system of the bicycle, because this part is very influential.

4. Incorrect Brake Pad Position

The next cause is the wrong position of the brake pads. The position of the brake pads that make pedaling feel heavy is usually when the brake pads flank the brake disc so deeply.

This will make it difficult for you to move the bicycle wheel, which will result in a heavier pedaling. This also causes the brake pads to wear out more quickly due to continuous friction.

To fix this, you have to rearrange the position of the brake pads. Loosen the bearing support bolt and adjust it back to the correct position.

An over-tight brake cable can also cause this. Loosen the brake cable by adjusting it near the bicycle brake. Then, adjust the amount of pressure when braking so that the brake position does not hinder the bike’s speed.

5. Jammed Wheel Bearing

Jammed wheel bearings can also be the cause of why the pedal feels heavy. When you pedal a bicycle, you move the gears, the chain and then the wheels.

If the wheel is jammed, then the other if it is stuck. Generally, this happens due to the presence of dirt and dust attached, lack of maintenance, and also the bicycle has been hit by a hard object or fallen, so that it is not symmetrical in the bearing.

To fix this, you must first see how the wheel bearings get stuck. If it’s dirty, you can clean it first.

However, if the wheel bearings are stuck due to the bicycle falling or other things that make the physical of the wheel bearings change, it is necessary to replace the wheel bearings.

Those are the various causes of bicycle pedaling feels heavy and how to overcome them. There are many types of bicycles, there may be several bicycles which causes and ways of dealing with the problems are slightly different.

Pay close attention before and after using a bicycle so that your bicycle remains durable and ready to use anytime and anywhere.