11 Pros and Cons of Automatic Transmission Motorbike

In the past, the manual motorbike was one of the most popular motorbikes and was in great demand by most people. It was because the price was affordable and of course cheaper than the price of motor sports which tended to be bigger and more expensive.

However, everything has changed since the presence of the automatic motorbike that appeared in 2003. Apart from being relatively affordable, the automatic motorbike is known as a motorbike that has many advantages such as small, simple, and easier to use.

Behind these advantages, there are definitely disadvantage to using an automatic motorbike. Check out this article further to find out the advantages and disadvantages of an automatic motorbike.

The Advantages of Automatic Transmission Motorbike

There are several advantages of an automatic motorbike, such as:

1. Easier to Use

This is one of the most prominent advantages of an automatic motorbike that cannot be owned by a manual motorbike. To use a manual motorbike, you have to shift gears from 1-4, and we have to know when to shift gears.

Meanwhile, for automatic motorbikes, you only need to use the gas and brakes without having to shift gears.

2. Plenty of Space to Put Items

As we know, the space to put luggage or groceries on an automatic motorbike tends to be wider. An automatic motorbike also provides a trunk that is spacious and fits many items. You can store a raincoat, a bag, or you can even put a helmet in the trunk.

You can hang things on the front side or on the footrest, there is a hanger provided by the vehicle and there is a slit near the handlebar to put small things.

3. Swift and Agile

Automatic motorbike has a body that is shorter, smaller, and simpler when compared to a manual motorbike.

With a body like that, it makes the automatic motorbike more swift and agile. So, when you are riding an automatic motorbike and are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, you can overtake easily.

4. Lightweight

Automatic motorbike is known as a lightweight vehicle when compared to other types of motorbikes.

Therefore, many women use automatic motorbikes because they are easy and light to drive, and don’t have to worry about getting their skirts caught on the sidelines of the motorbike.

5. More Comfortable

With the dashboard that is on the front side or on the footrest, it provides more comfort for every automatic motorbike rider.

You can place your feet on the footrest that tends to be wide so you don’t get tired easily.

6. Spare Parts are Easy to Find

If your automatic motorbike is damaged or there is a motorbike part that fails to function, you can immediately look for what spare parts you might need to the nearest automatic shop.

Or you can immediately go to the nearest repair shop, because now automatic motorbike spare parts are easy to find.

7. More Sophisticated

In fact, automatic motorbikes are one step ahead of other types of motorbikes. The reason is, the latest type of automatic motorbike provides a cellphone charger.

This charger port feature is indeed very helpful for motorcyclists if at a certain moment they forget to bring a power bank.

Disadvantage of Automatic Transmission Motorbike

Behind the many advantages of automatic motorbikes, there must be drawbacks too. Check out some of the disadvantages of an automatic motorbike that must be considered before buying it.

1. More Uneconomical

Even though it uses injection technology, automatic motorbikes tend to be more wasteful when compared to manual motorbikes. This is due to the higher rotation of the automatic motorbike engine compared to other types of motorbikes.

2. Expensive Maintenance

Maintenance costs for automatic motorbikes are more expensive when compared to manual motorbikes that have a cheaper maintenance costs.

The spare parts of automatic motorbike are also more expensive. If your automatic motorbike is damaged, you have to prepare more budget.

There are 2 types of oil used in automatic motorbikes, namely engine oil and axle oil. Although engine oil is the most important, axle oil is also something you need to consider.

The axle oil has a function to protect components during the transition period due to friction. This is why automatic motorbike users should be more careful, because there are many components of an automatic motorbike.

3. Only Have One Shock Absorber

The automatic motorbike only has one shock absorber which is used to hold the load of passengers or luggage behind.

Meanwhile, the manual motorbike has two shock absorber which make it stronger to carry a heavier load. So, it’s better not to carry heavy load, because automatic motorbikes are more vulnerable.

4. Small Motorbike Tires

The diameter of the automatic motorbike tires is smaller than the manual motorcycle tires. Because the size of automatic motorbike is shorter than a manual motorbike.

The disadvantage of having small tires can be felt when passing through a damaged road or bumps that is high enough, because it will make the rider feel uncomfortable. So, it’s better to ride at a slow speed.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of an automatic motorbike that must be known. Each type of motorbike has advantages and disadvantages, just like an automatic motorbike. So, just adjust it to your needs and preferences before buying it.