8 Common Problems of Sewing Machine

Anyone who works in fashion industry, sewing machine has become a necessity. Apart from its vital function in assembling clothing materials, you will also often face several problems with the sewing machine.

This happens because of the use of sewing machines for a long time and it requires intense maintenance so that the spare parts in it can work optimally for a long time.

If you utilize and maintain for it properly, any sorts of damage can be avoided. Otherwise, it will run into some problems.

However, there are some of the minor troubles that you can actually handle on your own without needing help from a technician. With enough knowledge of these problems, you can save some of your money on the repair budget.

It’s also important that you don’t leave these minor problems untouched. Because big problems start from small problems that are not immediately resolved.

The following are various problems with sewing machines:

1. Sewing Machine Can’t Penetrate

One of the parts of sewing machine is the needle hook or the part where the needle operates. Keep in mind of this part, because often the thread can enter and prevent the needle hook from operating properly.

If this occurs, open the bobbin case on the sewing machine. Then look for the cause of the problem, usually it’s because of a knotty thread.

After that, clean the needle hook so it won’t be jammed again. Close the bobbin case and don’t forget to recheck.

2. Sewing Machine Makes Loud Sounds

If the sewing machine is noisy and hard to use when operating, this may be because the lubricating oil is not sticking well to the needle shaft.

This happens if you choose a lubricating oil that has poor quality. If this has already happened.

Try cleaning the needle rod from the lubricating oil with a cloth. After that, give better lubricating fluid. That way the sound of your sewing machine will come back smooth.

Another thing that makes your sewing machine noisy is a broken needle or the quality of the needle is still below standard. For that replace it with a new needle with better quality.

3. Untidy Stitches

sewing machine common problems
Untidy Stitches

This happens when the threads that pierce the fabric look untidy and have holes so that they appear inconsistent when penetrating. This is due to a timing or tension problem in the thread.

If you’re using a blunt needle, replace it with a new needle with the right size too.

Notice if the needle you are using is properly inserted. Otherwise, it can result in a skipping stitches.

However, if there is damage to the tension, then your sewing machine needs to be re-set. In this case you may need the help of a technician.

4. Needle Often Breaks

Needle is the most important sewing equipment. Needle that often break, not necessarily because the material used in the needle is not good, it could be that you use a needle with a size that does not match the fabric you are sewing.

In addition, another factor that causes needle to break often is because the needle is not installed properly and ends up hitting the needle plate.

Another reason that may cause your sewing needle to often break is a material that is too thick which is difficult for the needle to penetrate. Therefore pay attention to the size of the needle, the type of thread, and also the type of material you are sewing

For thick fabrics like jeans, use at least a size 16 needle. For thinner ones like satin, silk, chiffon, voile, organdy and cotton, you can use a 9-11 needle.

For linen, poplin, semi-wool and wool fabrics you can use a size 14 needle.

5. Knotty Thread

If you find that the thread you are using often gets tangled in your stitches, this is most likely because the thread you are using is not good and the fitting is not correct.

Check again if this happens to your sewing machine. In addition, pay attention to your tension rhythm so that it is not too fast and causes the thread to tangle easily

6. The Noose of the Thread Loosens

If you find that the noose strength of your thread is loosening, you can try checking the springs on the bobbin case. This happens because the tension in the spring is too strong or it can also be due to the needle size that does not match the needs of your fabric.

7. The Thread Often Breaks

If the thread you use often breaks, it could be because the tension you use is too fast. This can cause threads with soft fibers to heat up easily, then wear out and eventually break.

It would be a shame if the worn thread breaks when you’re sewing clothes. It will cause your work looks unprofessional.

lIn addition to tension that is too fast, threads that break easily happen because the needle you use is bent so that it can cut the needle you are using.

To fix it, of course, is to check and replace the needle earlier. But if you don’t find the problem before, there is a possibility that the thread you are using is of poor quality.

8. Fabric Pile Up

The movement of the fabric on the sewing machine is not smooth because of the fabric fibers pile up and disrupt the gear. This also causes the height of the gear to be inappropriate. Adjust the gear mechanism and knob to return to normal.

Those are some kinds of sewing machine problems that often occur. Different types of sewing machines, may encounter different problems and needs different way to handle.