12 Problems of Air Conditioner not Cooling and Its Solutions

Air conditioner has become a necessity for urban people in large cities, where the temperature is quite hot lately. Peoples at home have installed the air conditioner to chill their rooms. Like any other electric devices, problems of air conditioner are commonly happen.

One problem which is commonly find in the air conditioner is not cooling. This of course, may discomfort the user when utilizing the air conditioner. This article we will discuss on the causes of the air conditioner is not cooling and how to resolved.

1. Run out of Coolant Gas

Coolant gas is used in cooling down the air by the compressor inside the air conditioner. Commonly used for cooling is coolant gas. This gas consist of chlorine, hydrogen, and bromine which is odorless and invisible.

During usage, in time this gas will run out either caused by a leakage or any other factor. The lessen of the gas pressure marked by icing on the pipe and evaporator.

How to resolved is by checking the gas connection for any leakage, after being confirmed that there is no leakage, you can have it refilled. This coolant gas can be found in most air conditioner workshops.

2. Dirty air Filter

The second cause of a not cooling air conditioner is a filthy air filter. This part functioned to filtered dirt from the airflow sucked inside, so the clean chill airflow to be re-blown back to the room.

A dirty filter may persist in the environment with poor air quality but also caused by doing the filter cleaning only occasionally.

The solution is by uncovered the filter then cleaned it up using a liquid soap. The should be done routine depends on the room condition inside the room. Ideally, have it cleaned at least once in a month.

3. Over Pressure on the Compressor

One of the important component in an air conditioner is a capacitor. Once this capacitor was damaged, it may caused your air conditioner is not cooling. To check its current condition you can monitored by the compressor’s current ensuring not to exceed its maximum level.

Ampere indication number using a clamp meter to check whether the compressor is still in good condition, and the current capacity is still in the proper working range.

4. Dirty Air Conditioner Condenser

Condenser installed outside of the room. It has the function to heat the coolant gas at a certain temperature level. When condenser was placed near a plant or tree branches, it may easily get dirty.

Cleaning the condenser by using a liquid soap to wash away dirt, and finished up with clean water slowly but thoroughly. To keep your air conditioner works best in cooling, you should have the condenser cleaned regularly.

If an air conditioner left unused for a long period of time, you could have it covered by a piece of cloth to keep its cleanliness from dust or other kind of dirt.

5. Air Conditioner Capacity Imbalanced with the room Width

An air conditioner works by compressing the air in the room to be cooled for then blown back inside. If the room is too wide it will effect the air conditioner working optimally.

If your room’s dimension in 3×3 meters, it will requires an air conditioner with at least 1/2 PK capacity. But if the room is in 3×6 meters, means a 1 PK capacity air conditioner needed. As for a room with a space of 6×6 meters, recommended for you to install an air conditioner with a 2 PK capacity.

6. Room Condition

Another factor to be considered is your room condition. A dark colored-paint wall on the outside area which directly shined by the heat of the sun, may effect the inside temperature higher.

Also if your wall is not covered with plastered. Walls with clay bricks may have a lower room temperature rather than those built in concrete bricks.

To solved this issue, simply paint the wall with white color to reflect the sun shine or planted vines on the wall to give shades from the sun. Another way can be done is by adding a wood panel on to the wall to absorb the excessive heat.

A big capacity lighting may also effect the room temperature level.

7. Wasted Chilled Airflow

Usually this case happens when ventilators or wind holes on the room’s wall. Beside that, habit of forgotten to close the door and windows may causing the chilled airflow being wasted to outside.

8. Improper Remote Settings

Try to take a look on your air conditioner remote setting, you may have set in to the fan mode, therefore the air blown inside is not the chilled airflow from the air conditioner.

Setting on the mode dry may also causing the compressor or outdoor unit unable to chill the air due to no electricity current supply.

9. PCB Board Damaged

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the part which is functioning to control all power and delegate to other components. Once its damaged, you required to replaced with a new PCB.

A damaged PCB often caused by unstable electric current. In general, a good PCB may last up until 15 years.

10. Damaged Compressor

A compressor is a component which functioned to sucked the coolant gas for distributed through condenser and evaporator later on. A damaged compressor may lead to cooling cycle failure.

To prevent this for happening, make sure you placed the compressor or air conditioner outdoor unit around 60 centimeters space from the wall or even another outdoor unit to keep away the hot air blown from the unit being sucked back right in.

11. Thermostat Damaged

A damaged thermostat may lead air conditioner failed to detect the temperature. It works as a heat censor. You can replaced the damaged thermostat by the technician air conditioner specialist.

12. Thermistor Air Conditioner Issue

Thermistor of an air conditioner functioned to control the temperature level automatically. Once have reached the temperature level set in the controller, it will disconnect the current on the controller board from supplying electric current to the outdoor unit, by this time, the compressor is on a standby mode.

Thermistor mostly damaged after life usage of 15 years. You can have this issue solved by replacing the thermistor according the specification of your air conditioner.

Those are some causes and how to resolved a not cooling air conditioner. Due to some types of air conditioner in the market nowadays, there may be some other problems and the problem solving may differ from one another.