6 Problems Causing Billowing Fume on Motorcycle and How to Resolve

Motorcycle is one kind of vehicle powered by a machine. One of the component installed is the exhaust, function to blow output combustion.

Exhaust tend to billowing fume when in use at the normal level, but if there is too much fume billowing, indicate there is a problem with the combustion system.

There are two kind of colored fume blown from the exhaust when a motorcycle is troubled. White fume indicates too much emission left-over gas from the motorcycle. The black fume produced from combustion process from a carburetor motorcycle.

But in a two-stroke engine motorcycle not billowing white fume is a normal thing, this is happen during combustion where the oil burnt along which useful to lubricate the piston. On the other hand, for a four-stroke engine motorcycle billowing a white fume indicate there is a problem and needed for further checking.

Below here is a in-depth explanation for billowing exhaust issue and how to resolve.

1. Oil Used in the Motorcycle

If you happen to see excessive fume moreover its a white fume, need to check the oil used.

Improper type of oil may leads the oil further absorbed in other parts of the engine. Other than that, it may cause a heat increase above normal level. It is wise to use the proper type of oil, not too watery nor thick.

2. Change the Oil

It is also advised to have periodic oil change to prevent the case of too much billowing fume for your motorcycle.

Normally, oil changed once every two months. Or you could also changed the oil when your mileage exceeding 1500 Km.

3. Problematic Piston Ring

piston ring
Piston Ring

If you are highly mobile, on the ride with your motorcycle, this may eventually worn-out the piston ring. Piston is an important component with shaped like a ring.

Types of piston ring according to its function, oil ring and compression ring.

  • Oil ring works to prevent oil flowing out from its place, to prevent from seeping inside other machine part, especially the combustion chamber.
  • Compression ring works to closed up the gap between piston and cylinder block to prevent leakage.

When both piston ring worn-out, they tend to be more loose from one another and creating a gap in between. This will lead the oil to seeping inside the combustion chamber.

In case of oil had seeping in the combustion chamber, then it will weaken the engine. To resolve this, you should change the whole set of piston ring with a new one for your motorcycle shall be back to normal again.

4. Problematic Seal Valve

A long drive riding motorcycle may eventually caused problem to the seal valve, such as leakage or broken. The seal is functioning to prevent leaking in the manifold.

Seal valve also could hardened during a long time usage, this may caused the seal valve loose and oil could seeping in the engine parts. This condition is likely to happen in a motorcycle which billowing a white fume.

Solution for this problem you should change the seal valve with a new one. Have your motorcycle periodically checked to the workshop, especially for the long drive riding kind.

5. Problematic Linear Cylinder

Linear cylinder works through piston ring frictions. For a long ride riding type, may caused the linear cylinder to worn-out later on. Further causing the oil seeping in the combustion chamber and that is when the excessive billowing fume blow out.

In this condition, you could resolve by welding the linear cylinder.

6. Daily Riding

Heavy mobilization using a motorcycle but care less with its condition, may decreases its performance, affecting other parts inside. This will caused problem, as an example billowing fume case.

Untreated exhaust, could have crust issue inside. Need to have a routine check up to the workshop to prevent this from happening.

This is a complete review on excessive billowing fume case, if not treated properly, it may disturb the surrounding. The fume is definitely inhaled by other riders and people surrounding. Not to forget that is polluting the air.

If our daily activity rely on heavy mobilization ride on motorcycle, automatically make it more vulnerable of engine parts malfunctioned. Routine cleaning, checked it up to the authorized workshop may prolong your motorcycle period of use. Take the advice from the authorized technician about your motorcycle issue, if any, during check up.