Printer Cannot Pick Up Paper: Causes and How to Solve It

Printer is a tool used to print documents on sheets of paper. In use, the printer must be connected to a laptop or computer device so that it can work optimally.

In addition, a printer must be equipped with sheets of paper and placed in the space provided. Otherwise, the printer cannot print the document and there is usually a notification on the computer or laptop screen that the printer is out of paper.

Even so, it turns out that the printer can also experience another problem, namely the printer cannot pull the paper. Don’t worry, these problems occur frequently and are very easy to solve.

Before knowing how to solve a printer that cannot pick up paper, it never hurts to find out the cause first.

Reasons the Printer Can’t Pick Up Paper

There are several reasons why the printer cannot pick up paper, including:

1. Dirty or Worn Printer Roller

The printer roller is the part of the printer that has wheels where the paper comes out when printing. This printer roller can also be referred to as a printer paper puller.

This part rotates quite often as a result of which the printer roller can be dirty or worn. If so the paper you want to print can’t come out or be pulled. Sometimes the paper that comes out is jammed in the middle during the printing process.

2. There is a Foreign Object that is Blocking

If the printer is left open, it is likely that foreign objects have entered it, especially where the paper is placed.

If this is the case, the printer cannot work properly and causes the paper to not come out during the printing process.

3. There are Broken Components

Another cause of the printer not being able to pull the paper is a damaged printer component, whether it is broken or other problems. Of course this greatly affects the performance of the printer.

If you find a broken part on the roller, it could be that the printer is too old or hit by a hard object or fell.

4. Dirty Machine

Not only rollers, printers also have other components which of course have their own functions. The printer engine that also should not be in a dirty condition is the gear.

If the printer gear is dirty, of course the printer cannot pull the paper when it is about to print.

Solutions for When the Printer Can’t Pick Up Paper

If the printer can’t pick up the paper, there are several ways to fix it, namely:

1. Clean Printer

This method is the simplest method that can be done if the printer cannot pick up the paper. The method is quite easy, just open the printer cover and check if there are dirt or foreign objects that clog the printer roller.

Use a brush or a clean dry cloth to clean the dust on the inside of the printer. If it is closed again and check the printer whether it is successful in pulling the paper or not.

2. Repair Printer Roller

The cause of the printer that can’t pull the paper is damage to the printer roller. It takes several tools to repair the printer roller.

The first step is to remove the printer roller components so that they are separated from other components. Next, check the rubber and remove it, then wrap the roller under the rubber using 2 turns of tape.

If you have installed the roller back to its original place. Don’t forget to reassemble the printer to make it look like before. Finally, check the performance of the printer.

3. Re-installing the Printer Driver

If there are no problems with the printer components, there could be a problem with the printer driver so the printer cannot operate properly. If this is the issue, you need to reinstall your printer on the computer.

First, remove or uninstall the printer driver application on the computer by going to Control Panel Programs and Features, then look for the printer driver. If you have found it, right click or select at the top of the Uninstall table.

Then, reinstall the printer driver by following the steps provided. Next try to check whether the printer has recovered or not.

4. Reset Printer

Another factor that causes the printer to not be able to pull the paper is an error or blinking. The way to solve this problem is to reset the software to get rid of the error.

The error caused by the chipset EEPROM record on the mainboard is full, so it is necessary to restore it as before. Each printer has a different reset software, just adjust it according to the brand and type of printer.

5. Align the Paper Neatly

Maybe this can be considered trivial, but who would have thought if the laying of paper that is not parallel or tilted can cause the printer to not be able to pull the paper.

For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the position of the paper whether it is aligned and neat before placing it in the paper storage container on the printer.

If so, don’t forget to slide the paper clips on the right and left towards the center so that the paper position doesn’t change or shift.

If the printer is able to pull the paper easily. It should also be noted not to pile up too much paper or exceed the paper load limit that is accommodated so that the printer can work optimally.