The Parts of the Mountain Bike and Its Functions

There are a lot type of bikes, one of the most favorable is the mountain bike. The mountain bike is the bike that is specialized in the off-road path on mountain range.

The muddy road with a lot of pot hole and stones can be easily passed if you use this type of bike. You will still feel comfortable when cycling, because of the suspension from this specialized built mountain bike.

The mountain bike has a lot of important parts. If you are often use the mountain bike, of course you have to know every single one of the parts.

With knowing every parts of the mountain bike, you can understand if there is any problem on the mountain bike. Or if you want to do some modification, you will know what is the best part to take the modification on.

mountain bikes

1. Frame

The first part is the frame bike. This part is the most important part of the bike, especially the mountain bike.

The frame has the function to connect every single components in the mountain bike, so that all of them can be connected. Other than that, the frame also can be used to support the other components such as the gear, tires, pedals, suspension, and so on.

That’s why, if you want to buy a bike, it is highly recommended to check the frame of the bike. You can also see the specifiations on your bike.

In general, the mountain bike has the frame of the aluminum and carbon. The aluminum is the material to make the bike frame in the middle and below class.

The other material of the bike frame is carbon. The carbon has the stronger resistance against vibration and also lighter, that is why the price of the carbon material bike frame is more expensive.

The frame of the bike has the parts consist of the three tubes, two braces, and one front placed fork. The three tubes is the part that connect with the main triangle frame, in which this part will become the tube for the upper and lower part of the frame.

The front placed fork is the two legged bike frame that works to pinch the tires so that the tires can stay in place when turn around. If you want to buy mountain bike, you have to make sure to adjust your budget and the needs.

If you rarely use the mountain bike, you can choose the mountain bike with the aluminum frame. But if you often use it, of course you can choose the mountain bike with the carbon frame.

2. Tires

The next part is the tires, in which the tires is the part of the mountain bike that works to make the mountain bike itself moved according to the user pedals.

Similar to the tire of the motor cycle or cars, the tires of the mountain bike also have many type of size. From the height, width, and the pattern of the tires itself. Of course each one of the tire has it’s own advantages, and not every single tires can be used on all of the environments.

The tires consist of two part, the inner tires and the outer tires. But, nowadays there are also exist the tire without inner tire called the tubeless tires. This tire can be filled with the right amount of the pressure.

The tire will be put on the velg of the bike, in which the velg has the same size with the tires. Same with the frame of the bike, velg also comes with two type of materials.

The aluminum type for the middle and below class and the carbon type for the middle and upper class.

3. Pedals, Cranks, and Bottom Bracket

The next parts of the mountain bike is the pedals, cranks, and the bottom bracket. When you pedal the bike, you will automatically moving the pedals, cranks, and the bottom bracket of the bike itself.

Pedals are the parts of the mountain bike that works to rotate the gear that connected through the chain. The pedals also connect to the bottom bracket, in which the bottom bracket consist of the down tube, seat tube, and seat stay.

The pedals of the bike also consists of two types, the flat ones and the clipped ones. The flat pedals is the pedals with flat surface on, and the clipped pedals is the type of pedals that have the safety on the user’s feet.

4. Chain and Gears

The chain is the part of the mountain bike that has the function to connect the gears one to another so that the energy can flow.

The gear is the part of the bike that works to put the chain and deliver the energy to the tires of the bike.

The mountain bike has two set of the gears that can be adjusted from two lever in the handle bar. You can adjust it according to the area of the path.

5. Brakes

Brakes is the part that works to slow down and stopping the flow of the bike when used. On the brake part there are two important components such as the brakes pad and the disk brake.

The brakes pad is the part of the brakes that works to pinch the disk brake. The disk brake on the other hand is a plate that connect with the velg so when the disk brake rub against each other, the tire will slow down and stopped.

To operate the brakes, you have to pull the lever, so automatically the brakes pad will pinch the disk brake and it will rub against each other.

This is the brakes that will eroded, and then the result of the eroded will be thrown out from the hole of the disk brake parts.

The other function of the hole on the disk brake is to become the cooling system and air circulation at the brake.

6. Seat Post and Saddle

Seat post is the part of the mountain bike that works to support the saddle. You can adjust the height level of the seat post by unlock it and then pull the lever up if you want to make it higher. You can also push the lever down to make it lower.

The saddle is the part that can be seated by the user. There are a lot of mountain bike saddle types on the market, and every single one of them has their own unique function.

7. Handle Bar

The handle bar is the part of the mountain bike that works as the handle of the bike when riding.

The handle bar in general has many type of forms. It comes with the brake lever and the lever of the machine gear that can be adjusted on the lever.

The handle bar also can be adjusted in accordance to your own level of comfort, and the most important is that it still in the normal limit without eliminate the safety factor.

8. Suspension

The last part of the mountain bike is the suspension. In general, suspension placed in the front and back of the bike. There is even exist the mountain bike that has two suspensions.

Suspension can be adjusted. With less flexibility, more stable the bike in the high speed mode.

In contrast, with more flexibility, it will be more dangerous to be used in high speed. But it provide more comfort feel in the extreme area, because the suspension will be adjusted to the type of the path area.

That all the components of the mountain bike. Hopefully the information can enhanced your knowledge about the mountain bike parts.

So that you can be more easily to buy the mountain bike or to repair the mountain bike because you have already know the parts of it. You have to make sure that every time you make a modification, you have to do it according to the standard of the mountain bike. Do not ever forget about the safety factor through the modification.