Parts of Submarine and Their Functions

A submarine is one of the variety of ships that can dive under the surface of the water in accordance with the ship’s capabilities. One of the newest submarines is about 70 meters long and 6.3 meters wide. As for the weight is 2000 tons on the surface and increases by 200 tons under water.

In order to float on the surface, this submarine must have a density less than the water, using Archimedes’ law. So even though it is made of steel, the submarine has many cavities in it which are filled with air.

The following are parts of a submarine in general, such as:

submarine's parts
Submarine Parts

1. Propeller

The first submarine part that you need to know is the propeller. It has a function to run the ship by spinning. So the function of this propeller is to move the submarine.

This component changes the rotational force and creates thrust. The propeller is located at the very end of the submarine.

2. Engine Compartment

The engine compartment on a submarine has a function to run and regulate the overall movement of the submarine, so this part is a very vital part of the submarine.

Starting from the operation and maintenance of these components, care must be taken so that the submarine remains in good condition for use at any time. It is located at the very back before the propeller.

3. Nuclear Reactor

This third part has a function as a power source to turn the main turbine that drives a propeller and a battery-producing electric motor that can generate electricity for submarine use.

This section uses a pressurizer water reactor to carry out its duties. As for the location of this section after the batteries on the submarine.

4. Batteries

As for the batteries on submarines, they have a ballast function for the submarine and power support. Batteries on a submarine weigh 25 percent of the gross weight of the submarine itself. It’s on the submarine beneath the crew’s quarters and mess hall.

5. Crew’s Quarters and Mess Hall

The fifth part of this submarine is named the crew quarters. This place is generally used as a rest area for the crew after completing their duties.

This place also used by the submarine crew to gather for praying and eating. This place is located in the center of the submarine on the second floor of the bulkhead.

6. Torpedo Room

The torpedo room has a function for placing torpedo launch tubes, which is one of the sub’s mainstay tools. Torpedo tubes are used to load bullets which are useful to launch special forces for orientation to enemy shore areas.

7. Sonar

The part of the dive head located at the head of the ship is the sonar. Sonar has a role to detect sub-surface submarines, mines, sea depth, fishing, commercial safety and communications at sea.

Sonar works by sending sound waves beneath the surface and receive the reflected waves.

8. Diving Plane

This part of the submarine is located at the very top of the submarine. Diving plane serves to help submarines swim and dive.

The way the diving plane works is by controlling the submarine’s buoyancy. Meanwhile, when the submarine is under water, it relies on the submarine’s negative buoyancy.

9. Periscope and Electronic Monitors

Periscope on the submarine aims to monitor the situation around the submarine. Both the situation when the submarine is on the surface and when the submarine is under water.

Meanwhile, electronic monitors have a function to display the catch from the periscope to be seen on the monitor to make it easier for viewing the surrounding conditions.

10. Sail

The sail on a submarine has a role as a place for navigation equipment and control equipment on other submarines. Therefore, it is also known as the command tower. The location of this sail is at the very top of the submarine and is also called the sail.

11. Control Center

In submarines, the control center plays an important role in the submarine because it controls various functions on the ship.

The control center is located on the top floor slightly forward on the sub and has two chambers inside.

12. Hatch

In the submarine there is also a part called the hatch. Hatch has a function to protect the cargo from the influence of sea waves that hit the cargo hold. The hatch is located on the submarine near the tail before the rudders.

13. Rudders

The rudders are located at the very bottom of the tail on the submarine. It is necessary to note that the rudder in the water on the submarine is located on the tail. It has a function to turn the submarine right and left using the hydroplane to adjust the front and rear direction.

Those are some explanations about the parts contained in the submarine. Each part has its own function and as a whole makes the submarine works and operates perfectly.

There are various types of submarines, there might be a little difference from one type of submarine to another.