Parts of Cruise Ship and Their Functions

A cruise ship is a special variety of ship used by passengers for traveling. Passengers board on this ship only to spend time on the boat and enjoy the sea view.

Cruise ships have luxurious facilities, one of them is lodging like a five-star hotel. In addition, as a means of transportation in the waters, of course this cruise ship has some interesting parts that you need to know.

Each parts of the cruise ship have their respective functions and advantages. If one of these parts is missing, it will make the cruise ship unable to operate properly. Check out the following article about the parts of a cruise ship.

cruise ship parts
Cruise Ship Parts

1. Bow

Bow of the ship is the part that is in front of the ship. Serves to reduce the bow when the ship is sailing, prevent water from entering the ship, and reduce the pressure of waves or sea water.

2. Port Hand

The port is the left side of the ship which functions as a place for passenger boarding and unloading, as well as repairing the ship.

3. Forecastle

Forecastle is one part of the ship which is located in front of the ship in the superstructure. This part has a function to place the tools used for anchoring such as bollards, mooring ropes, and others.

4. Open-Air Terrace

Open-Air Terrace is a terrace outside the ship or called an open terrace. This terrace is shaped like a floor that covers the front of the ship and is in front of the navigation tool.

5. Radar

Radar stands for “Radio Detection and Ranging”. The radar on the ship has a function as a navigation tool that detects and measures objects around the ship. Radar is also used to detect the location of ships to prevent collisions with other ships and objects floating in the sea.

6. Radio Antenna

Usually ships have a radio which is called marine VHF Radio. This radio serves as a means of communication at critical times and emergencies. The radio on the ship has an antenna that is on the ship, which is useful for making searches easier during an emergency by sending a signal to the SAR team or other ship.

7. Sundeck

The sundeck on a cruise ship is a preferred place for passengers to enjoy the sea view while sailing. As the name implies, the sundeck is used to relax and bask in the sun.

8. Telecommunication Antenna

Telecommunication is the process of sending information wirelessly or only through signals. Telecommunication antennas on ships can convert electromagnetic signals into electrical signals. In addition, radio signals emitted by radio stations are also captured through this telecommunication antenna.

9. Captain’s Quarters

The Captain’s Quarter is the captain’s room. The captain is responsible for all passengers and the operation of the ship during the voyage.

10. Bow Thruster

Bow Thruster is an additional engine on a ship that is used to help move the ship or as a propulsion device. This auxiliary engine is located in front of the ship to the left. Usually installed on certain ships to help maneuver the ship.

11. Compass Bridge

The compass bridge, also known as the bridge of the ship, is a room for the ship’s steering command. In addition, on the bridge of the ship also placed navigation tools for the captain’s room, and also a radio to determine the position of the ship.

12. Starboard Hand

Starboard hand is a buoy on the starboard side of the ship which is placed outside the right channel of the ship or on the hull.

13. Anchor-Windlass Room

Windlass is a system installed on ships to move chains and anchors. Anchor-windlass is also called anchor machine.

14. Stem Bulb

The stem bulb is also called the bulbous bow which is located on the bow of the front of the ship. The stem bulb has a function to reduce ship resistance, improve ship trim (tilt angle), provide vessel bottom pressure, and also hold the ship’s bow.

15. Swimming Pool

On cruise ships, a swimming pool is also provided. This swimming pool is one of the facilities on a cruise ship that is used for leisure and recreation during a sailing ship.

16. Stabilizer Fin

Stabilizer fin is a tool used to provide an overview of the ship’s motion and maintain balance while the ship is on the water. This tool is located on the right and left hull of the ship below.

17. Playing Area

As we know, the purpose of the cruise ship itself is for a tour to enjoy the sea view. Playing area is one of the facilities provided on a cruise ship for use by ship passengers as a place to play.

18. Gymnasium

The gymnasium is a facility on a cruise ship that is used for a fitness center. The types of fitness equipment on a cruise ship are also fairly complete.

This is why a vacation using a cruise ship is considered fun, in addition to luxurious lodging, cruise ships also provide facilities that cannot be found on other types of ships.

19. Lounge

Lounge is a waiting room. On cruise ships, there is also a special room to relax, which is usually on the top floor.

20. Funnel

Funnel or chimney on ships serves to remove smoke from the ship’s engine or the burning of ship’s fuel. In addition, the presence of a chimney can prevent smoke from being inhaled by humans because the chimney controls according to the direction of the wind when smoke is released.

21. Hall

The hall is a place that is often used for meeting and event centers. On cruise ships, hall facilities are provided which are usually used as places for parties, meetings, reunions, and others.

22. Promenade Deck

Promenade deck or known as ship deck is a deck that extends from the bow to the stern. The deck itself is a floor on the ship that is used for walking by the passengers.

23. Porthole

A porthole is a small gap like a wind door or window on the side of a ship. Porthole is usually in the form of a circle and made from glass which has a function as lighting, ventilation, and others.

24. Quarter Deck

Quarter deck or also known as the back deck. The quarter deck is used by the officers and passengers of the ship. Has a function as an information or announcement room, ship bell, administration room, right for receiving guests or visitors who have been given permission, and others.

25. Lifeboat

Lifeboat is an equipment for safety that is always owned by ships. This lifeboat is used in times of emergency such as accidents or other things that require the ship’s passengers to leave the ship.

26. Stern

Stern is one part of the ship that is located at the rear part of the ship. This stern or steel tube is used to support or protect the propeller of the ship from impact.

27. Propeller

The propeller is shaped like a waterwheel and has a direct connection with the ship’s engine to produce energy to propel the ship. The propeller is a major component of the ship that has a function to move the ship.

28. Rudder

Rudder is a tool used to determine the ship’s direction of motion. The rudder of the ship is also an important component in the ship to maintain the safety of the ship.

Those are the parts of a cruise ship with their respective functions.