Parts of Crane and Their Functions

Crane is one of the material handling tools with large capacities from one place to another either vertically or horizontally. Crane usually used on building projects, warehousing, industrial, and other works related to height.

Heavy machinery crane able to reach to dozens of meter away. Crane works in lifting heavy materials upward.

Other than that, crane also able to be operated for lowered materials to lower ground level. Another abilities existed on a crane is to hold, move, even for unloading matierals.

Crane consist of several components with their own funcions. Here are the basic common parts on a crane with the functions:


1. Mast (Tower)

Mast or called as Tower is a part which functioning to support the balance from the wire, hook and pulley. In this part, a pulley embedded to twist the hook, lift-up, and unloading materials.

2. Climbing Frame

Climbing Frame is section forming the mast or tower with other components. This component work using a hydraulic mechanism which is pumping. Climbing frame included as the main important parts of a crane due to its functioning as entrance access for the operator to get inside the cabin, named operator’s cab.

3. Slewing Unit

The Slewing Unit hold as a function to twist the crane. Its able to twist turn until 360 degree. This his how the crane can move materials to all directions.

4. Operator’s Cab

Operator’s Cab or Cabin is the place where the operator control the crane. Inside there consist of plenty of control level to control the crane when lifting and moving materials.

5. Trolley

The next part of a crane is Trolley. Trolley works for move materials in horizontally aligned right and left. Trolley will move along with the crane arm which was moved.

6. Hook

Hook is a part in a hook shape and works assist in lifting materials. In this part, materials to be moved by the crane by hooked-up on to this hook. Hook designed specifically to prevent the materials from loosen and fall.

7. Jib (Working Arm)

Jib is the must have part on a crane arm. With its function to life up materials supported by a sling wire.

The operator controlled the jib to operate hook and trolley altogether. Jib can twist turn up until 360 degree.

Long-shaped of the jib designed for moving materials in a long distance. this crane arm helps to move the trolley in removing materials in align way.

8. Machinery Arm

Machinery arm is placed on the opposite direction of the jib or crane arm. Its function to carry concrete counterweight.

Machinery arm also called as the arm because its stand align with the jib to lift up the materials, but shorter.

9. Concrete Counterweight

This is the last part on a crane. The concrete counterweight designed for balancing the tower during its job for lifting the materials. It helps the tower stable and balanced while carrying a massive weight capacity materials.

Those are the parts on a crane, which works super to lift heavy materials. They are mainly important and must have parts for a crane to be able to work optimally.

There are types of crane, that differ from one another depends on the work purposes.