Parts of 2-Tube Washing Machine and Their Functions

A washing machine is a machine made for washing clothes and other fabrics. Now, almost every house has a washing machine because it is very helpful in housework. In addition, the washing machine can also:

  • Save time, work will be completed faster so you still have plenty of time to do other work.
  • Wash more, because the washing machine has a container for clothes to be washed according to the size of a washing machine, so the washing machine can wash more than washing manually.
  • Dry faster, clothes that are washed will dry faster because the washing machine can dry clothes faster. So you don’t have to worry about the weather.

Two tub washing machines have many parts. Moreover, the two-tube washing machine has two tubes, namely the washing tube and the drying tube. To find out more about the parts of a two-tube washing machine, here’s the list:

washing machine parts

1. Wash/Drain Selector

Wash/drain selector is a selector to select the use of washing and drying tubes. When you are going to wash, then you need to choose wash otherwise when you are going to dry then you need to choose drain.

2. Spin Timer

The spin timer is a selector to set the drying time. Usually from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. You can choose the length of the time according to your needs.

The more you spin, the longer the spin time in the drying tube will be.

3. Spin Lid

The spin lid is a drying tube cover. This spin tub generally has a sensor which when opened, the rotation of the spin motor will stop automatically. The spin lid serves to protect you from the fast rotation caused by the engine.

4. Inner Lid

The inner lid is the inner lid of the drying tube. So that the drying tube has two lids, namely the spin lid on the outside and the inner lid on the inside.

Both have a function to protect from the rotation generated by the spin motor and also to prevent clothes from coming out.

5. Spin Tub

The spin tub is a drying tub. Clothes that have been rinsed need to be put into the spin tub for later drying. This spin tub is in the form of a large tube with many holes.

These holes serve as a place to drain the draining water that will be channeled to Hose B channel. Spin tubs are usually smaller than wash tubs.

6. AC Cable

AC cable is a voltage cable as the main power cable to turn on the washing machine. When you insert the plug into the outlet you need to be careful and make sure that the plug is completely dry.

7. Grounding Cable

A grounding cable is a cable that serves as grounding. This grounding cable will be plugged into the ground for approximately one meter. So when there is a short circuit will minimize the possibility that occurs.

8. Hose B

Hose B is a drainage channel for water used for washing and drying. The water contained in the washing and drying tubes will flow through this channel.

9. Pulsator

Pulsator is a driving blade that moves back and forth. This pulsator has a function to create a whirlpool which is useful for washing and rinsing clothes.

You need to avoid the pulsator from hard objects such as keys, needles, coins, etc. because they can damage the pulsator.

10. Wash Tub

Wash tub is a washing tub. The wash tub is a container for clothes to be washed. In the form of a large tube with holes that serve to dispose of the rinse water which will be channeled into the Hose B channel.

11. Fine Filter

A fine filter is a filter contained in the wash tube. This fine filter functions as a detergent container to filter detergent so that the clothes will be washed directly with detergent.

12. Wash Lid

The wash lid is a tub cover for the washing tube. Usually, the wash lid does not have a sensor which when opened will stop rotating like a spin lid. However, it is better when the wash lid is closed.

13. Water Inlet

The water inlet is the water inlet that will flow into the washing. This water inlet is connected to a faucet so that it will automatically flow into the washing tube.

14. Wash Timer

The wash timer is the rotation timer button of the wash motor. The purpose of the wash timer is to rotate the pulley connected to the gearbox with the van belt so that the pulsator can rotate.

The longer you turn the wash timer the longer of course the washing time.

15. Wash Selector

A Wash selector is a button that serves to select the strength of the washing. Usually consists of three choices, namely:

  • Gentle, is a gentle washing strength option.
  • Normal, is a medium washing strength option.
  • Strong, is a strong washing power option.

Those are some of the parts of a two-tube washing machine. There are several types of washing machines, so each type, of course, has different additional parts as well.