Noisy Sewing Machine: Causes and How to Overcome It

The sewing machine is the most important types of sewing equipment. Nowadays sewing machines have gone through a period of evolution, where the sewing machines in the past had a pedal that had to be stepped on to make the machine run, and it could only be used for sewing. Types of sewing machine on the market today are certainly very sophisticated, practical, and very easy to use for tailors.

But the similarity between the old sewing machine and the modern sewing machine today is the sound. Tailors must have experienced the sewing machine used to make a rough sound, very noisy to be heard by the ears, and of course very disturbing to those around them.

In the garment, tailor, or convection industry, there are certain kinds of sewing machine problems. Like skipping threads, needles break frequently, threads don’t embroider and sewing machines noise.

It is very important for tailors to know how to deal with a sewing machine that has a rough and noisy sound. Here’s the explanation.

Causes of Noisy and Rough Sewing Machine Sounds

Before knowing how to deal with a sewing machine that makes a very noisy and rough sound, let’s first know the causes, including:

  1. Sewing machines that make noise and even vibrate are usually caused by a dry machine because there is not enough lubricating oil in it.
  2. In addition, a sewing machine that makes a noisy sound is also caused by the remnants of thread or dust that are not cleaned properly and left on the sewing machine. It can also be caused by the needle used in the machine that is bad, even damaged.
  3. A noisy sewing machine can also be caused by oil or sewing machine lubricating oil that does not stick to the needle rod properly or it could be because the quality of the oil or lubricating oil used is actually not good or does not match the sewing machine you have.
  4. Another cause is that it could also be due to improper installation on the sewing machine which can cause the sewing machine to make a noisy sound.
  5. And the last one is caused by a dirty machine dynamo so that the sewing machine makes a noisy and even rough sound.

How to Overcome the Noise Sewing Machine Makes

After understanding what causes a sewing machine to produce a very noisy and rough sound, here’s how to fix it:

1. Make Sure the Parts are not Loose

Make sure the components or parts of sewing machine are installed properly and are not loose. If there are some loose parts of the sewing machine, then immediately tighten it using a screwdriver.

2. Cleaning the Sewing Machine

Clean the sewing machine that has been used from the remnants of thread and dirt regularly. The thing to note in this method is to make sure the sewing machine is turned off.

Then remove the bolts on the sewing machine plate using a screwdriver, move the plate or sliding board that is on the sewing machine body and then remove the lifeboat, spool and the lifeboat housing that is inside.

Clean the remaining threads on this machine using a small and soft-bristled brush, maybe you can use a brush like a toothbrush or you can also use tweezers to pick up small and short threads. Do not forget to return the sewing machine components that have been removed to their original places.

3. Lubricating the Sewing Machine

Lubricate the sewing machine with the recommended lubricating oil for your type of sewing machine and do this regularly because it avoids rust and damage to sewing machine components due to friction.

But make sure your sewing machine supports these tips, to find out maybe you can find out through the manual contained in the sewing machine box when you buy it.

4. Change Sewing Needles

Also replace the sewing machine needle regularly, and it is better if the needle is replaced every three days for those who are intense in sewing and make sure the sewing needle and machine are installed correctly. When changing sewing threads, you must also pay attention to the material, don’t install needles that are easy to rust.

5. Check Dynamo Condition

Always check the condition of the engine dynamo when you want to use it, then if the dynamo is seen or feels dirty, the dynamo must be cleaned immediately.

Usually there is also a thread that is entangled in the dynamo. You can clean the dynamo by using a small soft-bristled brush or use a clean cloth.

In addition to the things mentioned above, the quality of the sewing machine can also determine whether the machine we have will often have problems or not.

Usually poor quality machine has a much cheaper price, so this can be minimized by knowing the specifications of each sewing machine on the market today.

Those are the various causes and how to deal with a noisy sewing machine. Make sure you always take care of your sewing machine so that no problems arise with your sewing machine. Besides that, it can also save your expenses later because your sewing machine will be durable and last longer.