Mold Board Plow’s Functions in Agriculture Sector

In time how technology has revolving. Many inventions beneficiaries for human kind. One of the modern machine named the mold board plow as modern agriculture equipment.

In general, the mold board plow assist farmers to cultivate in more efficient and ease of drainage system. This will allow farmers to plant earlier even in a snowy areas such as in the fourth-season countries.

Unlike in a conventional plow consist of a vertical blade can produce a narrow plow line, a mold board plow consist of horizontal blade that makes it able to destroy and reverse the soil. This in result bring up the fresh nutrients from beneath the soil.

mold broad plow 3 bottom
Mold Board Plow 3 bottom

Mold board plow satisfied the farmers for it ability in reversing the soil even in the shallow land field.

Despite of that, there is a disadvantage, which is its ability works best in a shallow field. Less effective in terms of digging loose the soil deeper, unless the soil had been plowed earlier with a bigger plow machine.

There are contradiction of when is the best time to plowed the land field using a mold board plow, is it after harvesting season, or should await until the next cultivation season. Either which way to use, there is always pros and cons for each method.

Mold Board Plow Usage at the Early Cultivation Season

Functions of a mold board plow at the early stage cultivation for the farmer:

  • Repair the damaged soil structure during the harvesting season.
  • Method in pest controlling, by exposure of the pest directly to the sun.
  • Fast forward the heating process for drying up the land field as preparation for the next cultivation season.

Mold Board Plow Usage in the Harvesting Season

This kind of plow when using right after the harvesting season has its own advantages, there are:

  • The reversed soil will triggered a new layer of plants on the top that can preserve the field and erosion prevention as well.
  • Prevent soil hardening more before the next cultivation season.

Cultivation and harvesting seasons are mostly different in each region. Depends on the weather, rainfall, and the soil compositions.

This is how a mold board plow can help the farmers. Increasing the soil fertility and aeration soil process. Can result a better soil with high nutrition and homogeneous. Lead to a better aeration process, nutrition absorption, drainage system, and spread out mechanism of the roots more efficient.

Mold Board Plow Functions Based on Parts

mold board plow
mold board plow

Mold board plow consists of hitch, coulter, mold board, and share knife. Here are the basic description for each:

  • Hitch

Part that connect the bar to an animal or machine that attract the plow.

  • Coulter

Vertical cutting blade installed with a shape of a disc or even straight.

  • Mold Board

Stationed right in the center of the bar and have a curvy shape.

During rotation, a mold board able to pass through the soil in the land field, slicing horizontal lines in order to create new furrows on the land field.