Magic Com Parts and Their Functions

Magic com is a versatile electric cookware that can be used to cook rice, steam, warm food, and so on.

In addition to being multifunctional, magic com is also practical because it can complete the cooking cycle automatically without having to wait manually.

There is a differences between magic jar and rice cooker. Magic com is a combined rice cooker from a magic jar and a rice cooker.

Where magic com can not only cook rice like a rice cooker, but can also warm food like a magic jar. Unlike a rice cooker that can only warm rice for 24 hours, magic com can warm rice for up to 48 hours.

Magic com used properly can cook rice perfectly for your needs every time. You simply add water and rice in a 1:2 ratio (usually measured by weight or cup), then press the knob that says cook so the rice-cooking cycle begins.

The machine will heat the water until it boils, so that the water evaporates and absorbs into the rice completely until it becomes rice.

At the bottom of the cooker there is a magnetic spring that will detect the doneness of the rice. This spring acts like a switch that acts when the weight on it decreases as the water evaporates.

The following is an explanation of the parts of magic com and their functions:

Magic Com Parts

1. Body

Places to attach heating elements, inner and outer pans and so on. Made of heat-resistant insulating material, usually made of plastic or polymer.

In addition to attaching and protecting the components inside, magic com body also functions to beautify the outside appearance.

2. Outer Lid

The outer part of the magic com that functions as the outer pan cover. The goal is to keep heat insulated inside and not wasted outside.

3. Inner Lid

The inside of the magic com that serves as the inner pot cover. The goal is that the heat absorbed is more optimal and is not wasted into the environment.

4. Inner Gasket

Rubber Insulation that functions to close the gap so that heat cannot escape from the magic com. Made of special rubber that is heat resistant and also has a shape that is not easily stretched.

5. Inner Pot

The inner pot is a pot that is used as a container for cooking rice. Made of anti-rust metal so it is safe or in other words food grade. The nature of the conductor can spread heat well evenly.

6. Hook Button

Lock the pot lid so that it can close completely. The hook button is usually used by pressing so that the hook lifts up to release it from the valve holding it in place.

7. Handle

The handle functions as a handle to make it easier to move the rice cooker from one place to another. Usually it is one with the hook button and can be used to carry magic coms when they are moved to other places.

8. Operation Panel or Control Panel

The control panel is part of magic com in the form of a cooking temperature display. That is a sign between cooking and heating, and a button to adjust the operating conditions of the magic com, whether it will be used to just heat or cook rice.

9. Spatula Holder Hook or Spoon Rack

The spoon rack is part of magic com which functions as a storage place for rice spoons. Makes it easier for you to store rice spoons to make it more practical and neat.

10. Heating Plate

Heating plate is a heating element which is an important part of magic com. Because this is the part that serves to provide heat energy to the inner pot, so that the cooking process occurs. The heating element on magic com is usually located at the bottom.

11. Temperature Censor

A heat sensor that regulates the heat cycle to keep the temperature at the ideal level for cooking and warming food.

12. Steam Vent

Steam vent is part of magic com which functions to remove steam from cooking in the inner pot. During the cooking process, the rice will be mixed with water. The cooking process can be carried out up to a temperature of 100°C.

At this temperature, the water will turn into steam, some will be absorbed into the rice and some will be released freely. If the steam is not released, it will increase the pressure in the inner pot and cause an explosion.

Therefore, the release of steam is necessary to anticipate the formation of too much pressure in the inner pot.

13. Warning Label

An indicator that can be read from the outside to indicate the factual condition of the magic com and the food in it.

14. Power Cord or Power Cable

The power cable is an important part of magic com because it functions as a distributor of electrical power from the power source to magic com.

15. Plug

The power plug is the connector between the magic com and the power source. This part is often attached to the power cord and is made of metal on both ends and plastic on the handle.