20+ List of Motorcycle Spare Parts and Their Functions

As a motorcycle user, it is very important to know the various kinds of spare parts that are installed on the motorcycle. But in reality there are still many people who do not know and tend to ignore it.

Some motorcycle spare parts must be replaced regularly if they are damaged so that the engine performance continues to work properly. So what exactly is a motorcycle spare part?

Motorcycle spare part is an item that consists of more than one component and forms one unit, and has a specific function for each heavy equipment. What are the spare parts on the motorbike? Here’s the list:

Name of Spare Part Function

Spare Part NameFunction
Motor BatterySupplying motor power so that the engine can start
Motorcycle BatteryAs a power supply when starting the motorcycle engine and backup power supply, electrical accessories
TiresAs the fulcrum of the motorcycle and help the motorcycle to run
Brake Pads and StrapsControl the speed of the motor when it is traveling and stop it
ChainHelps the wheel to rotate, transmits the motion energy of the motor engine
Fuel IgniterSpark plugs so the motor can run
Gas StrapRegulates engine performance
CarburetorMixes fuel with air
Motor OilLubricating the engine to work more lightly and more nimbly
LightsSignal other user and illuminate the road to be passed
Cylinder HeadCovers the cylinder bore on the cylinder blog
Cylinder BlockWhere the engine piston moves
Engine CrankcaseA place for the engine clutch, generator or alternator, oil pump, transmission gear, oil reservoir and crankshaft
PistonTransfers engine power obtained from the combustion of fuel to the crankshaft through the piston rings
Piston RingPrevents gas leakage during compression, minimizes oil entry in the engine combustion chamber, and transfers heat from the piston to the cylinder wall.
Piston PinConnecting the piston with the connecting rod through the bushing hole
Crank ShaftConverts the up and down motion of the piston into rotary motion to move the motorcycle wheels
Bearings (Crutch Axle Bearings)Components that prevent wear that may occur in the cylinder liner and minimize friction on the crankshaft
FlywheelStores the rotary power that comes from the business steps so that the cranking process can continue to occur in accordance with other steps.
Crankcase (Oil Pan)Holds lubricating oil
ValveClosing or opening the inlet and outlet
Valve SpringReturns the valve to its original position and puts pressure on the valve so that it can be closed tightly
Valve Lever (Rocker Arm)Applying pressure to the valve to open
Push RodForward movement of the valve device to the valve lever
Valve LifterTransfers the movement of the valve lever through the push rod
Axial Glide BearingHolds the crankshaft from shifting
Timing ChainConnects the crankshaft to other shafts
Valve SeatBecomes a valve seat when closing

Those are some lists of motorcycle spare parts that you need to know. Some of them even need to be changed regularly such as oil, tires, and others.