List of Modern Agricultural Tools: Types and Functions

Indonesia is known as an agricultural country, so it’s no wonder that the farmers in this country are very familiar with various agricultural tools. In general, agricultural tools are divided into two types;modern agricultural tools and traditional agricultural tools.

In this sophisticated era, modern agricultural tools are far more often used than traditional agricultural tools. Not only does it shorten the time, but this kind of agricultural tool also makes the work of the farmers easier.

It is known that these modern agricultural tools are further divided into three categories according to their functions. Starting from agricultural tools used before planting seeds, agricultural tools when caring for seeds so that they grow and develop, and agricultural tools for harvesting.

The following is a list of modern agricultural tools according to their types and functions that you need to know.

Types of Agricultural EquipmentFunction
Share plowTurning the soil or plowing the land before planting the seeds.
Subsoil plowBreaking the soil to a depth of about 20 to 36 inches to make a trench in the planting medium.
Chaser binHarvesting large quantities of wheat.
Combine harvesterCutting and harvesting rice automatically, making it easier for farmers to work.
Conveyor beltSpeeding ​​up the production process during harvest time.
Flat drip irrigation tube extruderTools for irrigation in rice fields armed with advanced technology.
Plate rakeCleaning or removing weed plants from the planting media before planting seedlings.
Comb rakeCultivating secondary soil or refining the soil after using a share plow.
Irrigation machineRaising and pushing water into agricultural land.
CultivatorStirring and destroying the soil clods in order to aerate the soil or after the seeds are planted.
Cabbage harvesterPulling cabbage from the ground using a counter twin auger that can harvest a cabbage every two seconds.
Strawberry harvesterPicking strawberries in a greenhouse with a tool of automatic steering worked by a micro-computer, three wheels, and a speed of about five centimeters per second.
Sugar cane harvesterHarvesting sugarcane and doing a bit of post-harvest processing work; starting from cutting the leaves and separating them from the sugar cane stalks to cutting the cane stalks shorter.
Hole making machineMaking bio-pore holes for water infiltration, planting holes, or drainage holes.
Cotton pickerHarvesting cotton automatically for the sake of efficiency.
Corn sheller machineShelling or knocking off the corn kernels from the cob.
Corn planting machine (BW2BJG-4)Spreading the corn seeds to a certain depth.
Potato planting machine (SE260 2-row Bunker Harvester)Planting potatoes by pulling or pushing with the help of a tractor so that farmers can explore the entire field area quickly.
Rice planting machine (NSPU-68C)Spreading rice seeds into rice fields at a stable speed and in a neat arrangement to save time and labor.
Slurry spreaderDispersing fertilizer easily and quickly, driven by hydraulics.
Box dryerDrying crops such as rice and corn.
Quality seed processing machinesSorting plant seeds based on their quality before planting them in the available planting medium.
Coffee bean peelerPeeling the skin or separating the skin from the coffee beans.
Mist blowerEradicating pests, weeds, and diseases in plants.
Peanut harvesterMaking it easy for peanut farmers to harvest their crops by extracting peanuts from the ground quickly and easily.
Plastic mulch layerPutting plastic mulch and burying the edges 1 to 1.5 meters long.
Potato harvester 4ud-1Harvesting the potatoes by using a machine equipped with a 4-wheeled tractor, allowing farmers to harvest on an area of ​​two hectares.
Power thresherThreshing rice into the grain so that it is easier for farmers to separate rice and straw.
Rice millPeeling dry rice bran into white rice that is ready to be packaged and processed.
RotavatorCultivating the soil just before planting the seedlings.
Seed drillMulti-grain seed planting tools that incorporate mechanical seed distribution.
Seed rice cleanerCleaning and separating rice seeds from various forms of dirt or empty grain.
SprayerSpreading and spraying fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides along with other liquids needed by farmers.
SprinklerAn irrigation device with an automatic spray model so that it can irrigate rice fields like natural rainwater.
TractorPulling or pushing soil-processing tools. Based on the engine capacity used, the tractor consists of two types; the chain tire tractor and the rubber tire tractor.
TransplanterTransplanting rice seeds into planting medium or rice fields that are made in two types; the horse type and the walking type.
ULV cold foggingFogging disinfectant and sterilizing pests and diseases in plants.

That is the list of modern agricultural tools that you need to know. It is undeniable that the development of agricultural technology will continue to advance. Thus, it is possible for farmers to use agricultural tools that are much more modern and varied.