List of Cookware: Types and Its Functions

You do agree one of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen, especially for women. From simple cooking until the luxurious cuisine is being done in the kitchen. Talk about cooking activity requires a cookware set.

Cooking activity should be supported by the kitchen hardware. Especially in modern times like today, there are many cooking tools that can facilitate the food processing process.

In these time of days, wide range of cookware to assist in cooking more easier and fun. Below here is the lists of the cookware you must have for your kitchen utensils:

Cookware TypesFunctions
BasinUsed to mix dough or prepare the cooked food before plating. Basin has a wide edge that it will be easier to mix and stir things inside.
BlenderWorks to mix or emulsify ingredients. Certain type of blender even able to chop meats into small pieces.
MortarMortar made of stone or clay to smooth the ingredients. In some cuisine, it is used as complementary plating as well.
Food processorSimilar to blender, its just that this cookware designed for heavier mixing cooking materials. Inside using a motor to initiate the blade for rotating and by this could crush and smoothen the ingredients including meat.
Measuring cup and Measuring spoonBoth of this measuring tools to provide the liquid and other kind of ingredients in a certain amount needed.
Kitchen scissorIt is a common scissor shape, but designed specific for cutting materials before cooking.
StoveStove is used for cooking using heat energy transferred from the bursting flame underneath the pan or other kind of cookware.
Baking trayUsed for baking bread and pastry.
MixerAnother modern shape of cookware with many functions. Most commonly use for stirring liquid materials or dough. With mixer you can have the dough emulsify much better.
OvenOven for cooking a cuisine from raw until cooked well or can also to warm up food before eating.
PanPan is one of the most popular cookware used in household. it has multifunction. You can use it for boiling, saute, and many more.
Cheese graterThe surface filled with small spike holes to create a small and smooth pieces of cheese and chocolate bars too.
Coconut graterThis grater has a bigger size spike holes than the cheese grater. Usually used to grate coconut.
PeelerA peeler can help you peeled out the outer skin of a fruit or vegetables such as tomato, carrot, and many more.
KnifeFor someone who loves cooking so much, a set of knives with different size and type is a must have item. Different type of knife can help in different materials needed to cut. For example a meat knife have a different shape than a bread knife.
Rice cookerOne practical way to cook rice is by using a rice cooker. It is ore convenient rather than cooking rice using gas stove.
Coconut milk filterIn some cuisine requires a coconut milk as its ingredient, this is where you need a coconut milk filter. It works by separating the water from the coconut grater mixture.
Oven mittMade of soft cloth to protect the hands from burn injuries due to physical contact with the hot pan or when you want to take out the food from the oven.
SkimmerUsed to pick up your dish from the pan. It is also come in handy to dry up the excessive oil from frying.
Slow cookerThis kind of cooker helps you when you want to cook a meat and making it softer and more tender. It also can make the ingredients absorb well inside the food.
Spatula, Soup ladle, Food tongFor some people think these utensils are not necessarily needed. But in the practice, these may help you faster when picking up the food for plating.
Chopping boardMade as a bottom layer for you to chop things. Chopping board made of silicone is for easy cutting duty. But for heavy duty cutting, you can use a thick nylon chopping board usually done better for chopping meat.
Kitchen scaleIt can help you measure the exact amount of materials needed for the recipe. Some electronic scale able to give measurement in gram, ounce, and tare as well.
Frying panTo cook oil-based cuisine, such as saute or roasted food.
WhiskWhisker is a solid thick circular shape cord. It can emulsify liquid with other materials in a consistent mixture. A whisk can help stirred your dough well. It can be a simple manual hand stirring kind of whisker or an electric type.

So now you know the basic cookware needed to complete your kitchen. They can assist your cooking time, making it more enjoyable and fund. Just make sure you keep the hygiene well of your cookware, cleaned up before and after usage.