Lever Functions in Fire Extinguisher

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In addition to the valve function, the function of the operating lever on a fire extinguisher is to ensure this tool can be used properly.

The fire extinguisher lever, which is also known as the handle, has a function to open the spindle. When the lever is pressed, the compressed gas will carry the extinguishing material in the tube to get out.

When the operating lever is pressed, teh valve will loose so the contents of the fire extinguisher in the tube will come out and extinguish the fire.

Parts of other extinguishers are also very much, they have their respective roles to ensure that the extinguishers work according to their respective functions. The following is another part of the fire extinguisher that is no less important

  • Cylindrical Tank
  • Valves
  • Carry Handle
  • Operation Lever
  • Towing pin
  • Damage Seals
  • Pressure gauge
  • Drain Hose
  • Drain Nozzle
  • Instruction Label
  • Monthly inspection tag
  • Annual inspection tag
  • Fire Extinguishing Agents and Propellants

Tips for caring for a fire extinguisher lever

The fire extinguisher lever must be treated well so no damage will occur which could result in proper malfunction of the appliance. To extinguish the fire.

The potential disadvantages include:

  • Rusty
  • Dirty and thick dust
  • Greasy and corrosion

How to care this lever?

  • Make sure it is placed in a dry and clean place
  • Not placed in a place that is often passing and narrow
  • Avoid locations close to water or cooking areas
  • Perform regular cleaning

In order to carry out its function properly, the fire extinguisher must be carried out routine maintenance. In addition to preventing malfunctions when needed, this also has the effect of not causing greater losses.