7 Kinds of Motor Damages That Often Occur

Motorbikes are one of the easiest vehicles to drive. The more often a motorbike is ridden, the more likely it is that the motorbike will be damaged.

Because if used continuously, all components and engine of the motor will continue to work. If the motorcyclist does not pay attention to the condition of the motorbike in depth, serious damage can occur.

There may be one or more components or machines that have decreased performance. Doing so can cause the motor to look like it is in an unsanitary condition or be damaged.

In this review, there are several types of damage that are common to a motorbike. Check out this review more.

1. Motor Batteries Become Exhausted

The battery is very important for the starter process. If the battery turns out to be worn out, it is most likely caused by accommodating too much electric current.

The cause of battery wear is that it is overused. If not repaired immediately, it will make the starter system unable to function and the lights will become dim.

Usually, the use of a battery lasts for 2 years, but there are other types of batteries that last for less than 2 years. So, for motorcyclists, it’s a good idea to always check the battery.

You can change the battery to a wet battery. If the battery is dry, you can replace a new set of batteries.

2. Motor Engine is Stuck

The motor engine is stuck or halting is a condition that is shown by the motorbike when there is a breakdown. The engine sound becomes unstable and the motorcyclist must immediately check the condition of the motorbike engine.

Usually, this is caused by a misfire that occurs in the engine cycle, one of which is like a dirty spark plug that makes the spark plug not work properly and a jam in the pilot jet which makes gasoline decrease rapidly.

To repair a motorbike engine, you have to check the engine first to find out in more detail where the damage lies. If there is damage to the ignition system, you must replace the motor spark plugs.

3. Low Motor Power

The main cause of low motor power is because the motorbike is too old or has been driven for too long.

In addition, sometimes the cause also comes from the condition of the filter that is rarely cleaned or dirty, which generates dust, which then settles on the surface of the filter. This condition certainly makes the filter lose its function because it is obstructed.

To fix this problem, maybe you can do a service on your motorbike so that the motorbike is cleaned up to the components in the motor. If the filter cannot be cleaned, it is possible that your motorbike will get a new filter.

4. Sudden Strike

Usually, most people will assume that a broken motorbike means it’s just a matter of running out of gas. In fact, sometimes there is damage that occurs to motor components and causes sudden breaks.

Sometimes a damaged CDI can cause the motor to crash. The motor CDI function is important for the ignition system. If the CDI is damaged, the induction coil will not work which causes the spark plug to not fire.

The solution to dealing with this one problem, you can repair the CDI or bring it to the nearest repair shop for repair.

5. White Motorcycle Smoke

If the motor smoke that comes out of the exhaust is white to blue, it can be a sign that the oil is burning during the combustion process in the motorbike.

Burnt oil is caused by worn motor piston rings. So, you can go to an authorized repair shop to change a set of piston rings to a new one, so that you can ride the motorbike safely and comfortably.

6. The Steering Feels Heavy or Vibrates

Usually, the sign of damage can be seen from how comfortable the steering is when it is driving. The sign of a heavy and shaking steering is very easy to feel, especially when you are walking on a cornering road, you will find it difficult.

This damage is caused by a damaged bearing. You must immediately repair the damaged bearing because the cost is not that expensive. If the bearing is left damaged, there will be the possibility that you will have to replace other components later.

7. Punctures

Punctured tires are the most troublesome damage when riding a motorbike or before going out on a motorbike. Punctured tires should be brought to the repair shop immediately for replacement or patching if this is still possible.

Even though there are tubeless tires, in fact, these tires can still experience punctures. It’s just that the wind comes out a little slower than normal tires.

Maybe the tires look hard and strong, so they don’t leak easily, but sometimes there are conditions that have a thin layer on the outside. This makes the tires easy to puncture when they are hit by sharp objects on the road.

Those are some of the common types of motorbike damage. You also need to know the components of the motor so you can detect the damage more quickly.

If you often ride a motorbike, don’t forget to always pay attention and maintain the motorbike so that it doesn’t get badly damaged. Better to do motorbike service as often as possible and adjust it to your usage of the motorbike. So, when riding a motorbike, you don’t have to bother repairing the motorbike and its components.

Sometimes a damaged motorbike can happen anywhere, so to avoid it, it’s better to prevent it from happening.