How to Use Laminating Machine Easily and Safely

A laminating machine is a machine that is made to coat a document with a special plastic so that the document is not easily damaged and durable.

Laminating machines are usually available at photocopy stores, but this machine is also widely used for various industries, especially the printing industry. Because this machine can coat various kinds of goods, such as books, paper, letters, invitations, product packaging, and more, so this machine is considered quite important.

Laminated documents will be more durable and long-lasting and will look more attractive because of the special laminating plastic so that many people often laminate their important documents.

The method to use the laminating machine is actually very easy, but before you use the laminating machine, there are several things that need to consider:

  • Generally, the average starting power of the laminating machine is 600 watts at the beginning of usage and will decrease when the heat in the machine has stabilized. Do not use a roll cable that is used together with another device, it is highly recommended to connect the machine plug directly to the electric socket.
  • Make sure that you already understand the function of every part of the laminating machine, such as the ON/OFF button, back/forth button, hot/cold setting button, and temperature setting on the laminating machine.
  • Make sure that the machine is in a clean and dry condition and the placement of the machine is good and flat. The dirt that is still in the laminating machine can make the laminating process not perfect and that dirt can be burn because of the heat, which is caused by the machine.
  • Prepare the special laminating plastic that matches the paper size. It will be better if you do not use scrap laminating plastic. You can easily get that plastic in various sizes, from A4 size, folio size, A3 size, and ID card size.
  • Do a trial first, so you can know the result from that laminating is already maximum or not.

After paying attention to those things above, you can follow the steps below to use the laminating machine. Here is how to use a laminating machine.

  • First, insert the paper that will be laminated into the special laminating plastic. Customize the plastic size with the paper that will be laminated. Make sure that there is no paper that is folded.
  • Then, connect the laminating machine plug to the electric socket and turn on the machine by pressing the ON button that is located in the back of the laminating machine.
  • Wait around 10 minutes so that the machine heat up first, that depends on the types of laminating machines used. You can see the light indicator located in the front part of the machine. If the light indicator is lighting, then the machine is heated and ready to use
  • You can choose the speed for the laminating process, generally the laminating machine has 10 settings. For the thin paper, you can choose a low-speed setting. Whereas for thick paper, you can choose a high-speed setting.
  • Place the paper that will be laminated on the machine, shift the paper until the paper only touch the plastic edge. Make sure that the paper and plastic position is right because you can not cancel it if it is already laminated. Use HVS paper as the plastic surface layer, so the laminating plastic does not stick on the machine.
  • Press the RUN button to start laminate. To stop it, you can press the STOP button anytime. Wait until all the parts are laminated, then press STOP at the end of the process.
  • Slide the mechanism part of the laminating machine that located at the back of the machine to release the laminate material from the plastic roll and also to prepare the machine so that it can be used for the next laminating process. After finished, pick and tidy up the paper that has been laminated.

Those are how to use the laminating machines easily and safely so that the result from the laminating is perfect. Use it carefully, because the laminating process cannot be canceled, if can then maybe that document will be damaged.